Iranian expat explains beautifully to Germans what it means to have Islam as a governing principle

The speaker in this video we are informed, may be facing a serious jail term in Germany because a white male who left the AfD party turned her in for some kind of thought crime.

More on that as I get details.

Thank you Egri for the explanation and Ava Lon for the translation on this one.

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  1. When it hits the fan (and the arsenal that was recently found says it won’t be long before it does) the US needs to end our fighting quickly because there are going to be a lot of Europeans wanting to come to the US and Canada (if you have solved your leftist problem) as refugees.

    • But we have not solved our Leftist problem. Even some Republican Senators say we may not discriminate in favor of Christians or Europeans in immigration. The last administration under Obama said we could not discriminate, then discriminated against Christians, favoring Muslim immigrants. The mainstream press still has the country brainwashed about the ‘religious’ of peace’. Only a relative few are snapping out of it yet.

  2. So called “World leaders” under estimate the strength of people’s dedication to faith and in particular the dedication of Muslims to Islam. I believe part of the refugee crisis that started with Obama’s dirty war with Syria and his unrealized dream of an Arab Spring was to drain people from the middle east and place them into faithless countries in the calculated guess that people leaving those nations with their faith would come to realize the superiority of agnostic social orders that these leaders consider superior.

    They underestimated the strength of Islamic idealism and inherent colonialism and to a larger degree the integration of Islam in the family structure and their iron grips on the lives of of the faithful.

    In so doing they likely calculated that within the non-violent sectors of Islam who would come to their nations that there were extremists who would also come and that the collateral damage was acceptable for the longer term goal of washing millions of people of their Islamic faith in the calculations that peace would eventually erupt.

    These so called world leaders have miscalculated terribly becasue they really believed in the power of their agnostic yet seemingly attractive social orders. They underestimated that the true human spirit that tends to reach for family and acceptance within those familial structures and to “cling” to their faith and beliefs because they are the real underpinnings of happiness and stability.

    And of course these so called world leaders could not bring Muslims to their socialist politically correct “islands of peace and utopia” and give them a faith that preaches love and compassion becasue that would be discriminatory. So they are trying to give Muslims a faithless faith in socialist agnosticism. Yeh thats going to work out well with the Islamic multitudes.

  3. The only hope I see for residents of the USA and Canada is to become a “Born Again Christian” and as many firearms and bullets hand can lay on just in case you miss the Rapture of all believers in Christ.

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