Charlottesville. Something doesn’t seem “right”

It would be great to let this Charlottesville issue die. But it cannot as it looks more and more like a variation on a false flag op. Perhaps we can call it, “A new flag” operation? Since all the “Nazis” on scene seemed to have brand new nazi flags still with fold marks looking fresh out of the package?

The text below by Matt Bracken:

The guy does not appear to have any friends, the only person I see him with in several pictures, is the short middle-aged female with the also, brand-new Confederate flag. Bob Creamer’s DNC-funded group comes to mind, as in hiring mentally-impaired folks for agitprop purposes.
I consistently hear C-ville called a “Neo-Nazi rally,” but the only Nazi flag I see is this one single example. This will set a world record for propaganda leverage if one $20 Nazi flag was used to characterize C-ville as a Nazi rally. 
Surely SOMEBODY who attended the rally knows who this guy is? And if they don’t, that to me is evidence that he was a plant. What a story if it’s true. A world record for propaganda leverage effects.
Sounds like a job for 4Chan to me.

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  1. There is a lot of evidence that this was a planed atrocity, this evidence combined with the reactions of the propaganda and the politicians is a combination that makes me say this was planned to shut down the free speech movement. The First Amendment prevents the left from using the law to shut us down but they can create atrocities that allow them to paint us as violent racists.

  2. Advice to any ‘alt-right’ people in the future, if anyone shows up with nazi or klan paraphernalia, eject them immediately. Unless that’s what you want to be associated with.

  3. Our Constitution protects our peacebly to assemble. Those who engage in violent conduct, regardless of political affiliation must be arrested and prosecuted immediately, so that others will learn the lesson that violence will not be tolerated.

    Free speech must be tolerated, regardless of the words used, since to limit others speech means that our own speech can be limited. Attempts to silence speech that one disagrees with or finds offensive is anti-American. In America citizens may not like certian speech, but we have respected every citizens right to free seech.

    If one attempts to silence others, others one day may silence your speech. I suspect that the folks behind these recent demonstartions and violence are attempting to divide Americans and destroy our nation.

    Making statements such as General Lee or Christopher Columbus or Preisdent Jefferson, or President Washington were racists because they owned slaves and therefore justifying their efforts to destroy our American culture, ids outrageous. Be careful that you do not accept payment for protest time or that you listen and believe those who spread lies and attempt to cause division and civila war, for once you push the culture over the dge we all will suffer the fallpout of violence.

    Our mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers and our fellow citizens regardless of ethnicity will suffer harm, even death because some citizens got paid to create division and hatred.

    Hatred, whehter from the whites blacks, brown, reds or yellows is hatred, so stop it and settle down.

    If you disrupt or destroy the Rule of Law, we will all suffer. Once we hget to a threshood the culture explodes, so be vcareful what you ask for and create. YThe wealthy whopay for and fuel the divisions in our culture will return to their masons while you and I kill each other and once the killing strats it will be extremely difficult to stop the blood bath, so if you want you innocent family, friends and neighbors to get caught in the croiss fire, keep up the game that you are playing.
    ur culture over the cliff, I will respond with equal or greater violence to defend our Conmstitution and Liberties. each of us . Decide today whom you with serve, As for me and my house we will serve the Lord; however, we will also defend and protect the Constitution aginst enemies both foriegn and domestic.

    When five million veterans d

    It is now up to
    We can only contol our own behavior, so if you pushe up along with active duty militray and law enforcement and the majority stand up to defend our Constitution and our families, Anmerica will witness the awakening of the sleeping giant. At that point you will not be able to hide or win any battles. You will be defeated, so stop now while we have time to reset this insanity. Peace Now !

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