Geopolitics, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Koreas, Russia, voter fraud and more: Links 1, Aug. 24, 2017

1. Russia sends its classic Tupelov 95 strategic bombers generally speaking, over South Korea.

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian nuclear-capable strategic bombers have flown over the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan, the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea, prompting Japan and South Korea to scramble jets to escort them, Russia said on Thursday.

Russia’s Defence Ministry said in a statement the Tupolev-95MS bombers, code named “Bears” by NATO, flew over neutral waters and were accompanied by Russian Sukhoi-35S fighter jets and A-50 early warning and control aircraft.

It gave no details about the overall number of aircraft that had taken part in what it called a pre-arranged flight and did not say when or why the mission took place.

The TU-95MS bombers were refueled in mid-air during the mission, the ministry said.

2. In Photos, North Korea Signals A More Powerful ICBM In The Works

By Jack Kim and Heekyong Yang

SEOUL (Reuters) – With photographs obliquely showing a new rocket design, North Korea has sent a message that it is working on an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) more powerful than any it has previously tested, weapons experts said on Thursday.


If developed, such a missile could possibly reach any place on the U.S. mainland, including Washington and New York, they said.


North Korea’s state media published photographs late on Wednesday of leader Kim Jong Un standing next to a diagram of a three-stage rocket it called the Hwasong-13.

Missile experts, who carefully examine such pictures for clues about North Korea’s weapons programs, said there is no indication that the rocket has been fully developed. In any case, it had not been flight tested and it was impossible to calculate its potential range, they said.

(The article contains a picture of NORK leader pointing at something. This was a popular meme when his father was the monster-king of North Korea.)

3. Poland threaten to take EU to court as voters say they could QUIT BLOC over migrant quotas

BRUSSELS was set for another big bust up with Poland today as Warsaw confirmed it is preparing to take its fight against migrant quotas to the European Court of Justice.

Polish ministers confirmed they will bring legal action against eurocrats unless they immediately drop infringement proceedings, enacted last month over the country’s refusal to take in refugees. 


The move marks a further ramping up of rhetoric between the two parties over the issue of migration, with relations deteriorating between Warsaw and Brussels at an alarming rate.

(Not being an expert at European geopolitics, but it sure looks at first glance that the EU is essentially saying to Poland and the rest of the member states: “Let us destroy your people, culture, history, and basic human rights to create a new postmodern totalitarian superstate or we will stop giving you back some of your own money”)


(And this is because Lebanon, along with other mostly Islamic nations, want to teach the world how to be tolerant and inclusive)

5. Germany: De Maiziere visits facial recognition project at Berlin station, protesters follow

(Conveniently, that won’t work on veiled muslims or masked antifa.)

6. Berkeley Chancellor vows to ensure free speech on campus

(Would be interesting to see how this plays out)

  • UC-Berkeley’s new chancellor welcomed students to campus with a forceful defense of free speech, vowing to “hold accountable” those who use violence to shut down speakers.
  • Chancellor Carol Christ even quoted John Stuart Mill to remind students of “the philosophical justification underlying free speech.”

“Particularly now, it is critical that the Berkeley community come together once again to protect this right. It is who we are,” Christ writes, even referencing John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty to defend her commitment to the First Amendment.


“The philosophical justification underlying free speech, most powerfully articulated by John Stuart Mill in his book On Liberty, rests on two basic assumptions,” she explains, saying the first is that “truth is of such power that it will always ultimately prevail,” while the second is “an extreme skepticism about the right of any authority to determine which opinions are noxious or abhorrent.”

7. Although this is from January this year, it bears repeating given the history between then and now.

July 2017

8. Pre-Hajj Saudi military parades and spectacles.

9. Arpaio: If they can go after me, they can go after anyone

(Donald Trump: “I think he is gonna be just fine. […] Sheriff Joe can feel good”)

10. MissPiggy sent in the following comment. I have not confirmed the information yet, so its unsubstantiated claims at this moment. But I did ask one of our German translators who told me a lot about this territory.

“A small, leftie city-state, completely dependant on federal funds. They were the first to introduce a Phd in Queer Studies. And then there is Lady Bitch Ray, who got her PhD. there for “a study in “socio-semiotic significance of the headscarf in Germany”

From Miss Piggy:

Germany’s newly crowned capital of knife attacks is – apart from Cologne – Bremen.

In the last year alone, 469 people were attacked with a knife in Bremen, and 165 people in Bremerhaven. In Bremen, the number of victims has increased by 25% since 2015, and even 75% in Bremerhaven.

Statistically, there was at least one knife attack every day in Bremen every day, in Bremerhaven at least every other day. A total of 13 people were murdered by knives in the past three years.

Thank you Richard, Wrath of Khan, M., EB., MissPiggy and all who sent in links, and there are a LOT. So as always, if you wish a more complete view of events as readers and contributors to this site see it, please check the comments under the Reader’s Links posts.

I am now 13 minutes into the video below, which claims to be an interview with a live witness from the Virginia riots where someone ran over a protestor. I have heard enough which is similar from other reports which seem credible to me at least, that its worth listening to.


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  1. “Revolt of the Deplorables: Inside the Greatest Upset in American Political History”
    Capital Research Center – August 22, 2017

  2. This is also interesting…symbolic?

    In this picture you will see an official election billboard for the CDU. The image shows an senior citizen (Grandfather) tied to a tree trunk, with some children dressed as American Indians in the back ground.

    It reads:

    “Just in case there something happens on election day (*to prevent you from voting) … vote CDU per mail already today.”

    With all the senior citizen getting attacked by refugees in recent times – I just mentally replaced the grandchildren dressed as Indians with 3rd world orks. I wonder if that was intentional.

  3. The massed multitudes at the Hajj mask profound divisions in the Religion of Peace.

    The calendars aren’t in sync. In each country the beginning of the month is ascertained by visual sighting of the moon and confirmed by the respective ulemas, or Islamic courts.

    But these courts don’t accept each other’s authority. There’s Sunni-Shitte, of course, but Sunni decisions are also contested. It’s touchy, because specific rituals are prescribed for each of the ten days of the Hajj. If the dates are disputed, who decides?

    For now, the Saudi government calls the shots. That’s outrageous to many of the faithful.

    This Saudi King, for all his prancing pony-slaves (and the occasional Western bowing jackass), doesn’t even have the stature of temporal monarchy. How weird is this?

    Ibn Saud conquered not all, but most of the Arabian Peninsula in 1934, a thimble-full of camel-drivers within the vast world of Muslims. Always regarded as the most primitive specimens. His tribe isn’t even related to the “Sharif of Mecca” – the “Noble” descendants of the Pirate Mohammad.

    Even the Sharifates weren’t such big deals. They were administrators subordinate to the various temporal Muslim powers: Ayyubid Sultans (Saladin’s Kurds), Mamluks, Ottomans. They kept the place reasonably clean and tried to minimize stampedes.

    After the British fomented the Arab Revolt against The Turk, the tribe of Ibn Saud saw a chance to extend his domain. The British inherited the “keys” to the holy cities from the Ottomans; they passed them to their ally.

    Nefarious Crusaders!

    Ibn Saud was NOT a descendent of the Pirate. He was the toughest local thug Western powers could CONTROL. After all, they needed a “friendly” to sit on the vast reserves of oil that had just been found.

    To many Arabs, let alone world Muslims, this set up is obscene. To many Saudis it’s a enduring shame. All these trappings are FAKE. The intolerable hypocrisy fuels rebellion suppressed only by the most savage repression money can buy. From the West.

    They hate us.

    Both the Sultan-wannabe, the Turk, and the Shah-in-Shah- wannabe, the Persian, contest the position of the Saud family. So the latter pretend they’re more Catholic than the Pope – so to speak. To look like the religious authorities they are not.

    Bought-off scholars are only rented.
    This is a house built on sand.

    • From what I see in that region you need a three dimensional diagram to even begin to understand the twisted political, religious and family relationships. Since move of our politicians have trouble thinking in two dimensions this causes a lot of trouble.

  4. 11. Live Chat With Charlottesville, VA Eye Witness
    Transcript: “Eyewitness Reveals Horrors of What Really Happened in Charlottesville” By James Bailey – August 24, 2017


    Eyewitness: “Okay, so the alley we go out into has cars parked on both sides of the alley. And there was one car pulled up at the end of the alley in between, on both sides, so it makes like a U-shape. And some of the people have their cars parked in that alley. So people were, people from the restaurant and from the very nearby area that could get there were jumping in cars to avoid getting beaten or hit. You know, just to be safe. We see this car pull up and one of the ladies that was in the restaurant just tapped on the window and says, ‘Sir, you can’t go down there.’
    And he rolls down his window and says, ‘I’ll get through.’
    And then he just nails it. Charles, I don’t need anybody to believe what I’m saying, but I was there and I heard this man and we were all around his car. We knew what was gonna happen if he pressed on that gas pedal.”
    Charles Patrick: “Did anybody hit his car, beat on his car, or do anything to cause him to hit the gas?”
    Eyewitness: “If you count that woman tapping on his window because we thought he was with us. We had seen this guy previously in the week. He wasn’t in the restaurant that day.”
    Charles Patrick: “Wait a minute. You’ve seen him during the week?”
    Eyewitness: “Yeah, it was the same people, you know, all during the week. You know you see a few different faces here and there, but like you said earlier, it was like going to your favorite bar. It was the same people and every now and then you would get a visitor. And so their face draws attention because they’re not a regular, which I guess is what I was at the beginning too.”
    She tapped on the window and said, ‘Sir you cannot get through there.’
    But he said, ‘I can get through.’”
    Charles Patrick: “So he hit the gas and went right into the crowd?”
    Eyewitness: “Yeah. We all ran, started running up to, you know from the back we really couldn’t see what kind of damage he had done, but when he backed up, he got almost everybody that was in the restaurant, he hit and you know either their foot, their arms, and I’m not going to lie, I saw one lady, she just slapped the side of his car while he was backing up and threw herself on the ground. I thought that was odd with everything that was going on.”
    Charles Patrick: “Hold on. So he went forward, hit the car, stopped, and backed up. Were people around his car? We’ve seen the video. Everybody has seen this video. And apparently, you were there.”
    Eyewitness: “I haven’t seen the video. I don’t need to watch videos.”

    • Charles Patrick: “Wait a minute. You’ve seen him during the week?”
      Eyewitness: “Yeah, it was the same people, you know, all during the week. You know you see a few different faces here and there, but like you said earlier, it was like going to your favorite bar. It was the same people and every now and then you would get a visitor. And so their face draws attention because they’re not a regular, which I guess is what I was at the beginning too.”

      She seen him during the week? With or without his mustache? Hmmm
      “James Alex Fields Jr. Identified As Road Raging Terrorist In Charlottesville Riot”
      by Taurean Reign – August 12, 2017
      Photo @ 2:39

      • Early on, there were questions . . .

        The arrested male featured in pres reports, not the driver? Witness has security video of switch?
        Challenger driver was arrested almost directly in front of my house, ask me anything.
        He wasn’t pulled over by cops it was two blacked out suburbans. And they made everyone go inside & acted like they were about to pull a gun on my wife.
        guy looked middle eastern honestly. didn’t get a case look at his face they bundled him into one of the SUVs really fast. not black but not caucasian pale. didn’t have a flashy haircut or anything. skinny jeans.
        i saw a pic of a white guy sitting beside a challenger in handcuffs but that was NOT the guy

        He posts that he has security footage of what took place by his house.

  5. “And this is because Lebanon, along with other mostly Islamic nations, want to teach the world how to be tolerant and inclusive”
    –> “And this is because Lebanon, along with other mostly Islamic nations, want to teach dhimmis the Islamic meanings for tolerant and inclusive”

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