Ezra Levant update on the massive attacks against the Rebel

Ezra says all that needs saying. Please watch. Remember, The Rebel media is, if not the most influential, among the most influential counter-jihad sites, as well as sites that still use reason, believe in classical liberalism, and equal rights for all people.

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20 Replies to “Ezra Levant update on the massive attacks against the Rebel”

  1. I unsubscribed to the Rebel. Ezra has been firing all his best employees then making up shit about Tommy. If Tommy hit an aggressor first I wouldn’t give freaking crap. Good for him. Why would Ezra pay some one off to cover that up?

    Ezra is an idiot.

  2. The Canadian left has been waiting for an excuse to make a major attack on The Rebel Media and Faith going to Charlottesville and then doing an interview on the Daily Srormer gave them ammunition. I like Faith but she made a major mistake that is damaging the company she worked for.

    • I agree. Some recent media attacks have been written and researched for a LOT longer than the events in Virginia. That was the excuse to publish.

      • I just think it’s unfair that a guy who’s opened so many eyes to so many issues is so ganged up on by so many. Everyone makes mistakes. Problem is if you’re a commie you get an automatic pass.

    • I was amazed how the mainstream media in Canada went in a few hours from pretending that The Rebel doesn’t exist to treating it as the most critical political litmus test in Canadian politics. If someone from another country only just started paying attention to Canadian media in the last week or so, they could be forgiven for believing that The Rebel is Canada’s most important media outlet, based on the amount of attention it’s received. The chorus is the best example of Ezra’s “Media Party” concept in action.

  3. Faith reported what she saw. We have senators , journalists, judges, psychiatrists calling for my President to be removed, killed or unstable.
    Faith is a journalist reporting and doing interview for an “extreme point of view”. She would have gone on Antifa or BLM if they would have ask her for an interview.
    We have freedom of speech or we don’t.
    My humble opinion.
    Love Faith G.

    • Yes she has freedom so speech but her going to the Daily Stormer gave the left the excuse they wanted to attack The Rebel. Ezra is fighting to keep his newspaper alive with just about every leftists in the know world attacking him on any delusional reason they can find. He doesn’t need one of his reporters giving them more ammo. As I said I like Faith and hope she finds a new home, or is able to make a living as a free lancer but Ezra had no choice but to fire her.

      • Richard thats exactly how i see it. That doesn’t mean I don’t like Faith. I think she is awesome. Of high character and generally a great person and a great asset to the cause. But I, and she, agree with Ezra’s difficult decision, likely for the reasons you stated.

        • He’s right: he’s over-stretched. Sloppy stuff.

          If he’d explained it to Faith, she might’ve understood WHY this particular story was a threat to the entire Rebel enterprise. If she chose to go anyway, she’d be on her own.

          The Daily Stormer interview showed poor judgement. What she experienced that day was traumatic; she made a bad call. She was lending the respectability of The Rebel to an organization unworthy of it. These aren’t “freedom of speech patriots”. Naive fans of Faith Goldy could easily make a few clicks, check-out the site, and wake up next morning shouting Sieg Heil!.

          Ezra’s UK adventure remains unclear to me. He’s a lawyer and he sounds like a weasel. Blackmail, hush money, messy friendships….

          I’m also thinking he might be taking Tommy’s “name in vain” - so to speak. Or “waiving the bloody shirt”. He knows how to tell a story straight; he CHOSE not to do so. I don’t buy the victim he’s trying to sell on that one.

          On the other hand, the Enemy certainly WAS out to get The Rebel. The coordinated attacks were locked and loaded. The screaming Red Devil Ezra pix were just too cute to be sudden inspiration.

          We’re missing the context of all these defections of partners and personnel. A healthy company doesn’t fall apart this way. But I’m not all that interested in personalities or the “inside story”. I find even White House gossip extraordinarily tedious.

          Ezra does genuine journalism. He mentors reporters and knows how the pieces fit together. Just keep up the good work. I’m staying tuned in.

      • Richard: There is a huge difference between talking with a group like Daily Stormer and using their information as a source.

        I honestly don’t care what the left think. We can’t worry about how they think

        Another attack:
        I just noticed Brittany’s Channel (Laura’s friend) was just deleted from Youtube.
        She said here she is going to interview some right wing group:

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