Spanish bus full of gas bottles found outside Dutch concert hall where threat was directed: Links 1, Aug. 23, 2017

1. Lt Col Shaffer – “James Clapper is an idiot”

2. Germany’s foreign minister under attack by Erdogan hijacking of INTERPOL

3. North Korea’s DDoS Botnet Infrastructure

This joint Technical Alert (TA) is the result of analytic efforts between the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This alert provides technical details on the tools and infrastructure used by cyber actors of the North Korean government to target the media, aerospace, financial, and critical infrastructure sectors in the United States and globally.


Working with U.S. Government partners, DHS and FBI identified Internet Protocol (IP) addresses associated with a malware variant, known as DeltaCharlie, used to manage North Korea’s distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) botnet infrastructure. This alert contains indicators of compromise (IOCs), malware descriptions, network signatures, and host-based rules to help network defenders detect activity conducted by the North Korean government. The U.S. Government refers to the malicious cyber activity by the North Korean government as HIDDEN COBRA. For more information related to HIDDEN COBRA activity, go to

4. Rotterdam mayor: bus with gas bottles found outside canceled concert

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – A bus with Spanish license plates and containing gas bottles was found near a concert hall where earlier on Wednesday a rock concert was canceled due to a threat, Rotterdam’s mayor said.

Ahmed Aboutaleb told a news conference it was not clear whether the threat and the bus were connected. The bus driver was taken into police custody for questioning, he said.

“The ring that the police set up around the (concert hall) led to the detention of a bus with gas bottles”, Aboutaleb said.

“Whether the bus with gas bottles can be linked to the threat, that cannot now be established.”

BBC link here.

5. US diplomats in Cuba suffered traumatic brain injury and nerve damage in ‘covert sonic attack’ on their homes

American and Canadian diplomats based in Cuba suffered mild traumatic brain injury and damage to the central nervous system in a suspected sonic weapon attack on their homes.


The diplomats, based at Havana’s US Embassy, began complaining about a series of symptoms ranging from hearing loss and nausea to headaches and balance disorders, in late 2016, according to the State Department.

An investigation concluded an advanced sonic weapon had been operated outside the range of audible sound, either inside or outside officials’ residences. 


Medical records, seen by CBS News, now reveal the diplomats appeared to have suffered mild traumatic brain injury and even suspected damage to their central nervous systems in the attack. Many of the diplomats cut short their assignments in Cuba because of the attacks.

Cuba has denied any involvement in the attacks.  

6. KNIFED IN THE MARKET Finland attack – Brit hero ‘who came to rescue of stabbed women and children’ among those injured in Turku terror rampage… as it emerges teen suspect is Moroccan – just like Barcelona jihadis

7. Report: Muslim Brotherhood Paying People to Protest in Europe

German police arrested an Egyptian opposition journalist at Berlin’s Schoenefeld Airport acting on an Interpol arrest warrant issued by Egypt on Tuesday.


Abdulrahman Ezz was sentenced in absentia by Egyptian courts to 20 years imprisonment. He was charged with incitement to violence, attacking a police station and imprisoning and torturing people after the 2013 popularly-backed coup that saw General Sisi oust Muslim Brotherhood President Muhammed Morsi.


Thank you M., ML., Xanthippa, Gates of Vienna, Kathy, Wrath of Khan, EB., Perfect Child, Richard, and many many more. Its been a truly horrific week where the MSM has been attacking any fact or evidence based with gossip and ad hominem. What has come to mean ‘journalism’ in the current postmodern era.

These rather sophomoric attacks take a toll. But do not detract from the message so long as people remember that the messenger is not important. Either what is being presented is meaningful or it is not. Either it represents a model with predictive value or it does not. And either it reflects people’s observed reality better than what is sold on legacy media or it does not. I could go on, but tradition and time limits me to three of these juxtapositions.

In any case, its been a difficult week. But if its always darkest before the dawn I think its safe to say we, who still believe in reason, rule of law, and classically liberal ideas, can expect it to get a great deal darker before it gets to be dawn, and if how dark it becomes is proportional to how light it gets, we will all need strong sunglasses in our dotage.

It is Gates of Vienna’s funding week this week. All those of you who can, please pop over and drop some change on them. The great people at Gates of Vienna do a great deal of work that most of us never know about. Beyond the editing and formatting of EVERY video we subtitle, but organizing and advising on many levels. If you have a  little extra you can spare, please drop by GoV and help them out.



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  1. James Clapper is worse then an idiot, he is a very stupuid political animal who thinks that we are too stupid to see his very simple lies for what they are.

    Rotterdam was lucky, can they keep getting lucky?

    The Cuban attack on our diplomats is an act of war, we have to respond more vigorously then by expelling two diplomats.

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