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5 Replies to “Retired CIA Station Chief, Brad Johnson, updates us on events since his last interview with more about Islamic jihadi’s newest tactics”

  1. Thank you for your extremely interesting and wise words. I hope to see another interview with you soon. I am a 71 year old Brazilian, and my country, as you surely know, is in a very bad state. As I heard your talk about Islamic influence in the Triborder, about which I knew very little, I became more concerned, Our press does not tell us about that; it is perhaps even more influenced by PC than the ones in Europe and US; we haven’t here anything like Fox News or Breitbart. May we see better times in the world, and may Islam (which is as much an evil ideology as a religion, in my opinion) loose power and influence worlwide. But for that we need strong leaders, and strong moral systems of value, which are sadly missing worldwide today… God help us…

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