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4 Replies to “Ezra details the pernicious relationship between George Soros and Justin Trudeau”

  1. Soros wants to be the King maker in the socialist utopia the left is trying to create, he doesn’t care if the entire world is turned into Venezuela as long as he can set himself up as the person all of the political leaders comes to for orders. And he wants this power to be inherited by his children.

  2. “George Soros: the money and mastermind behind the progressive madness”
    Intercessors for America – February 15, 2017

    “Hillary Clinton, Walter Cronkite and World Government”
    USA Survival – Published on May 7, 2013

    America’s Survival, Inc. presents the video Hillary doesn’t want you to see: Hillary Clinton and Walter Cronkite at World Federalist Association meeting (1999). Cronkite, the former CBS Evening News anchorman, receives an award from the World Federalist Association. The award is the “Norman Cousins Global Governance Award.” Through a closed-circuit hook-up, Hillary Clinton commends Cronkite for his promotion of a fascist one-world government
    Walter Crankite mentions Soros @ 12:11…

  3. I have thought about why so many immigrants are flooding into Canada from the US since the Trump admin. One hypothesis would be that these people are under deportation order in the US that they want to skirt or, they have criminal records that target them by the Trump admin.
    In either event this is bad for Canada.

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