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  1. Four stabbed during ‘major incident’ at hospital – 20 people involved in brawl (express, Jul 31, 2017)

    “FOUR people were stabbed in a “major incident” at a hospital this evening.

    The incident occurred at Harnosand Hospital in Sweden and involved around 20 people.

    Police were called to the hospital’s kitchen at around 4.30pm local time (3.30pm BST).

    Two people were treated in hospital. Two other suffered minor injuries.

    Police said one of those injured was in a managerial role at the hospital.

    A police statement said: “We received a call about 20 people at the Harnosand Hospital’s kitchen.

    “At least two people have a knife cut with injuries of unknown severity.”

    They added soon after: “An additional two people were sent to a healthcare centre with cuts.

    “Three police patrollers are now working intensively with witnesses.”

    Police made one rest at 7.25pm local time (6.25pm BST).

    Investigators said they believed the brawl involved two gangs.

    Five people are being held.”

  2. In Defence of Nazi Pugs
    Freedom of speech is no laughing matter. First they came for the Nazi pugs, then they came for you.

    Feminism KEK

  3. DAILY MAIL – YEMEN – Rapist, 41, who attacked and murdered a three-year-old girl is executed with a machine gun at point blank range under sharia law in Yemen

    Muhammad al-Maghrabi, 41, shot dead with AK rifle in square in Sanaa, Yemen
    Sentence was passed after he raped and murdered a three-year-old girl
    Images show Maghrabi on the floor surrounded by crowd before being killed

  4. Tonight starts Tisha B’Av, a full fast-day.
    It’s not a Biblical holiday, so I’m not observing it strictly.
    (I won't eat, drink, or work. I'll go to services. But I'm online and won't be sneaky about it.)

    For this miserable [and arguably optional] day of mourning, the reading is Eichah, Jeremiah’s “Lamentations”. It has the most unique, haunting chant that cuts through time and space. A rending vision of the horrors of war.

    May Jerusalem be spared, dear Lord. If it be thy will, spare the City of David and the Children of Israel.

  5. Ex-auditor general of Pakistan jailed for concealing dual nationality (tribune, Jul 31, 2017)

    “A former auditor general of Pakistan was sentenced to one year in prison by a court on Monday for concealing his dual nationality.

    The prosecution presented evidence confirming that Muhammad Akhtar Buland Rana was also a Canadian national. Senior civil Judge Mohammad Shabbir handed down a punishment of one year in jail to Rana. The former auditor general was taken into custody and shifted to Adiala Jail.

    The federal government had sacked Rana in 2015 after the Supreme Judicial Council found him guilty of misconduct…”

  6. Danish street gang expanding into Sweden: police (thelocal, Jul 31, 2017)

    “The criminal gang Loyal to Familia has already spread across Denmark from its base in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen and now it appears to have set its sights on Sweden.

    Swedish police told the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet that the gang is trying to build a presence in both Malmö and Helsingborg.

    “We know that they have been here in Malmö and are trying to establish themselves and we also know that Loyal to Familia is interested in establishing themselves in Helsingborg,” Malmö Police spokesman Nils Norling told the newspaper.

    Copenhagen Police confirmed to Danish news agency Ritzau that it too was aware of Loyal to Familia’s attempts to cross into Sweden.

    The gang Loyal to Familia first became active in 2013 and has since been involved in a number of conflicts with rival groups, particularly as it has attempted to expand its reach beyond Copenhagen and into other Danish cities like Aarhus.

    Police in Copenhagen and Aarhus have established large ‘stop-and-search zones’ in an attempt to put the brakes on the recent gang violence in both cities.

    An expansion into Malmö could be a recipe for increased violence in light of the fact that gun violence claimed the lives of 11 people in the southern Swedish city last year.

    Norling told Ekstra Bladet that the gang is likely looking to fill “a power vacuum” in the city.

    “It was expected that a gang like Loyal to Familia would try to establish itself in Malmö, and there is a similar situation in Helsingborg,” he said.

    The gang’s leader, Shuaib Khan, confirmed that the group is eyeing the two Swedish cities but denied that Loyal to Familia was a “criminal gang”.

    “We are a brotherhood, so we don’t open new units in order to commit crimes but rather to enrich our brotherhood,” he wrote in a statement to Ekstra Bladet.

    In addition to Copenhagen and Aarhus, Loyal to Familia has units in the Danish cities of Helsingør, Køge, Hillerørd and Nivå.”

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