Geopolitics, Antisemitism, anti-semtexism: Links 1 on July 31, 2017

1. One thing that should be pointed out about this second clip last week of an imam in California spouting off about genocide of the Jews, is that this imam is wearing an al-Azhar hat. This means he is not a run of the mill dime store imam. He is a graduate of the most prestigious and _authoritative_ islamic school in the world by a giant margin.

So any attempt to dismiss this rant as being other than the purest Islam is bogus. If he is wearing that hat and speaking to muslims, he speaks for Islam. When speaking to the infidel, its an equally authoritative example of taqiyya in many cases.

2. How low can Facebook go? Social media giant yanks page supporting veterans with PTSD

(Answer: as low as google. Which means at the lowest part of the swing, all you can smell is brimstone)

Soon all that will be left for Facebook to block will be pages dedicated to helping widows and orphans. Whether the powers that be will find something in these pages that violates their community standards remains to be seen.

On Sunday, the social media outlet unpublished a page dedicated to military veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome. The page, titled “Freedom Don’t Come Free & Devildoc,” had over 173,000 followers. Facebook’s actions were purportedly driven by this image:

3. Once again we see the real purpose, consequence, and intention of thought crimes and speech crimes laws, is that they WILL be selectively enforced, and selective enforcement is the most direct frontal assault on genuine equality before the law.

4. Venezuela: Maduro claims victory in vote that critics call a sham

A key opposition figure, Henrique Capriles, governor of Miranda state, earlier labeled the election fraudulent and called for protests at noon on Monday.
Speaking at a press briefing in Caracas, Capriles said voter participation Sunday was less than 15%. He claimed voter turnout was three times higher two weeks ago for an opposition-led, non-binding referendum against Maduro’s proposed Constituent Assembly.
On July 16, more than 7 million Venezuelans cast ballots in an unofficial vote against Maduro’s Constituent Assembly. Maduro ignored the results of the vote.
The president of the National Assembly, Julio Borges, tweeted that Lucena’s Sunday announcement of voter turnout of more than 8 million was almost triple the true turnout and “the biggest electoral fraud in our history.”
The greater the deviation a state ideology is from truth, the greater the amount of force required to maintain the policies. We have seen this exact process play out in Venezuela for the past 18 years since Hugo Chavez conned his way into power. For that matter, we see the exact same process in every socialist state, ultimately resulting in turning a free nation into an actual prison.
This is a pretty typical mid to end game scenario for socialism. It is a lesson that the people of the world, specifically Sweden and Canada, will be soundly punished for not paying attention to it.
For we few cognizant of the arc of political systems, we may as well watch Venezuela closely like a horror film we have seen many variants of, and result in the death and suffering of millions upon millions in ways that could have been avoided simply by not causing it.
It won’t change any minds to know it. People invested in these systems will die before admitting they are wrong. But those capable of watching, understanding and learning have a responsibility to do so perhaps.
5. British police upscale their vigilance for people who are no threat, in order to avoid discussion about those who are.

6. Paul Weston on the same tweet:

Thank you all who sent in materials over the last 24 hours and in general. There is a great deal more to be posted over the day as well as a new Brad Johnson interview with a focus on Canada and the UK, which should be up within a couple of hours.

Please keep watching and sharing your best links in the Reader’s Links post.

Its getting quite serious out there now. Venezuela is a tragedy of Shakespearean magnitude playing out before our eyes and with critical lessons which we ignore at our demise.

Please find em, and post em.

Thank you all again for your diligence. There is no other way to prevent what appears to be ahead for us, except to educate each other. Cause one thing is for sure.

Government and state backed schools are moving the other way.


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