Three important news items: Links 1 July 28, 2017

1, There is so much wrong with this CAIR statement it would take a substantial fraction of the day to counter it all. He is using what I call, “The Spaghetti Method” of deception. Grab a handful, throw it at the wall and see what sticks. The stuff that sticks is ready and who cares about the rest.

Still, it does HAVE to be mentioned that the Christians are being allowed in as refugees because there IS a genocide being carried out against them BY muslims. So for him to complain about that takes a special degree of taqiyya.

2. Please help the British police catch these muslims for multiple rape of a teen, once they have stopped parents from taking their infant for treatment or home to die, or arrested everyone who objects to the horrific genocidal mania that is Islam.

3. BREAKING NEWS: Japan warns that ships and planes may have been hit by intercontinental ballistic missile launched by North Korea

(If Japanese vessels where hit by a NORK missile, and this is not the flashpoint it should be, it can only be because Japanese military assets are not ready yet.)

A missile fired from North Korea has landed in Japan’s territorial waters, the country’s government has confirmed, with officials fearing it may have hit ships or planes.

The intercontinental ballistic missile is believed to have landed in Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

It is not yet known whether any vessels or aircraft were damaged.

The Japanese government has established an emergency participation team with members of relevant ministries and agencies. 

Many people have sent in a lot of links on several of these topics and more. We are trying to post all the important ones today but there is a great deal of subtitling and editing to do as well. So please do try and read the comments under the Reader’s Links post for the newest and most complete set of news items.

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  1. (If Japanese vessels where hit by a NORK missile, and this is not the flashpoint it should be, it can only be because Japanese military assets are not ready yet.)

    Japan has a large fishing fleet and some of them use sea planes and helicopters to scout for schools of fish. It is going to take time to discover if all of them are safe or if one or more of them was hit. Japan may not have the forces ready to hit back as hard as most will want but they can hit the North Korean Navy with their subs, the Japanese subs are first class diesel subs who would have no trouble of making a big dent in the few ocean going ship North Korea has.

    As I keep saying and many are tired of hearing Kim is going to keep pushing until there is a war in the Korean Peninsula, Norse Radish does a good job of deconstructing the reasons that I come up with (No I am not complaining about this, his arguments are valid) but this doesn’t mean I am not right. All of the actions by both China and Kim say they want a war to start some time this year, probably this summer because fighting a winter war in Korea is a flaming bitch. Japan can damage North Korea but they can’t knock them out of the game, this will take South Korea land forces combined with US, Japanese and South Korean Air and Naval assets. If China stays out of the war it won’t last moro then a couple of months, probably no more then a couple of weeks.

    • I cashed in my mutual funds’ investments this morning in view of a highly probable economic war USA vs China. Trump’s strategy was to render China liable for North Korea or else there would be significant economic liabilities for China.

      The bank guy on the phone tried everything he could to change my mind. He even mentioned the recent G-7 or whatever positive outlook for Canada which in my mind is 100% anti-Trump politics. And now I find out Canadian stocks are not doing well and our dollar is rising.

      In view of mutual funds losing two straight months in a row, I hope I did the right move. Keep your eyes open re USA and China.

      • Sassy, no matter how nice the mutual fund managers sound, they only care about keeping you in and collecting their fees. When you lose big like I did in 08 they say, “At least you’ve got your health…” which you can’t argue with but it’s a ploy. You’re better off in cash or gold or silver coins or bullion. No certificates!

        • I agree with you: nothing paper. I’ve had this nagging feeling for a few weeks but now, I feel safe.
          We have to get rid of any investment that has a China component to it.
          The era of Trumponomics, aka MAGAnomics.

      • Pay attention to what Johnny is saying, if you are investing in precious metals always get position of the metal that way you know you have it instead of a certificate that may end up worthless.

      • Sassy,

        In case it is not obvious, it’s vital that you take personal possession of whatever precious metals you’ve purchased.

        While a safe-deposit box may sound secure, if the government closes all banks, your gold is as good as gone. Likewise with certificates. In case of a meltdown, they will only be so much paper. Just like Kleenex but a lot rougher..

        If you haven’t a safe or gun locker to store it in, you’ll need to be imaginative. As in NOT under the mattress or in the freezer.

        Also, be sure to buy some silver. If things go all pear-shaped, silver will buy you food and other small necessities, while gold will buy a car, gun, gasoline or ammunition.

        If you haven’t taken the time, please consider watching:

        The Economy Is Going To Implode

        Although a bit lengthy at over two hours, Ann Barnhardt explains in layman’s terms why the global banking system is teetering on a knife-edge of self-inflicted malfeasance. Watch it in segments, but definitely watch it.

        If anything, just watch the first five minutes to confirm what I’m saying.

        Here is a visual diagram of why bank over-investment into derivatives has placed at risk almost every conceivable form of investment except for precious metals.

        All of the World’s Money and Markets

        The globalists have been breathing their own exhaust for so long that they have poisoned the world’s economy with their delusional financial circle-jerk.

        I gladly invite Johnnyu to vet this advice.

    • Thank you, Richard, for respectfully recognizing that we are both on the same side.

      However reluctantly, I agree that China’s recent actions (or lack thereof) all point towards America necessarily intervening in North Korea. Far better that China (via a comprehensive economic import) is forced to do the scut work but, sadly, not even Trump seems to have the ostiones for that.

      Stage 1: MOABS
      Stage 2: Nukes

      Note: Both work just fine during the winter months.

      No goddamned boots-on-the-ground this time around.

  2. “there IS a genocide being carried out against them BY muslims. So for him to complain about that takes a special degree of taqiyya.” — Eeyore’s observation concerning the CAIR lawsuit againt Donald Trump

    The Yiddish term for the special degree of taqiyya used here is “Chutzpah.”

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