Hamburg Jihadi a Palestinian Refugee

Ahmed al H

Ahmed al H. after arrest, wearing a ‘spit mask’ to protect officers


The attacker who today killed one man in a supermarket in Hamburg and injured six other people, one of them gravely, was a Palestinian ‘refugee’ named Ahmed al H., according to the German newspaper Tagesspiegel. He was born in 1991 in Saudi Arabia and came to Germany as a refugee. Although he was due to be deported, he couldn’t, for his lack of papers.
He is reported to have been known to German intelligence agencies as an extremist and as a so-called ‘risk’, people who German intelligence agencies assess as willing to commit acts of violence.
According to Bild, the refugee accomodation where H. was residing was raided this evening by police.

Below are a video of passers-by fighting the attacker with chairs; and the English press releases Hamburg Police have made for tonight.
This post will be upated with more videos.
There will be a police press conference tomorrow at 12:00 PM CET that we will report from.

POL-HH: 70728-6a. Suspect arrested after knife attack, further information (see also PM 170728-4a. and -5a.)
28.07.2017 – 21:20
Hamburg – time of crime: 28.07.2017, 15:10 scene of crime: Hamburg, Barmbek-Nord, Fuhlsbüttler Straße

Due to todays events a special commission was set up, which is entrusted with the further investigation. The investigation will be conducted under participation of the homicide department (LKA 41) and the state security department (LKA 7).

The suspect is a 26 year-old male, born in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.). His current citizenship has yet to be clarified.
The presumtive murder weapon was found and seized.

Because of identity cards that were found it is currently assumed, that the killed person is a 50 year-old German male.
As far as we know by know one woman (54 y.o.) and four men (64, 57, 56 and 19 y.o.) suffered knife-stabbing injuries. A 35 year-old man was injured while overpowering the suspect. Some of the injuries are severe. The injured persons are currently treated/ under surgery in different hospitals.

A special phone line +4940-4272727 for clues was set up by the special commission.
The investigation will be conducted in all directions. This includes explicitly the investigation of the state security department.

A special website was set up to upload pictures and videos of the event. The webadress of this site is

POL-HH: 170728-5a. Suspect arrested after knife attack, further information (see also PM 170728-4a.)
28.07.2017 – 19:44
Hamburg – time of crime: 28.07.2017, 15:10 scene of crime: Hamburg, Barmbek-Nord, Fuhlsbüttler Straße

Meanwhile it is clear that the suspect attacked one of the victims in the supermarket. This person died at the scene of crime. While trying to escape the suspect injured additional four people with his knife.

Passers-by were able to overpower the fleeing suspect. The suspect was lighty injured. Arriving plainclothes policemen arrested the suspect.

For the time being there are no clues that there was a second offender.

The background of the act is yet to be explained. Investigations will continue.

A video which shows passers-by fighting the attacker with chairs:

Thank you CrossWare for this find!

An eye witness describing the scenes on the street:

Thank you Nash Montana for the translation!

The attacker on the ground, surrounded by police and the men who finished him. There is a very brief exchange between the person who films and the men who fought the attacker, but the sound is too scrappy at that point:

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      “Without question, Samir Qumsieh is one of the most courageous Christian leaders in the Middle East. Qumsieh is one of the few willing to risk his life to speak out against Muslim persecution of Christians in the Palestinian territories and the Middle East, generally.

      For the past four decades, Samir Qumsieh, who hails from a large and well-respected Christian family in the town of Bet Sahour, near Bethlehem, has fought for the rights of the region’s miniscule Palestinian Christian minority. He has even dared to speak out against the subjugation of Christians living under the rule of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

      The plight of the Christians living under the Palestinian Authority and Hamas is a subject truly taboo. Yet Qumsieh perseveres – and pays the price. He regularly receives death threats, and he has been the target of a petrol bomb attack. Muslim extremists have also distributed leaflets in the Bethlehem area condemning him for his outspoken views and activities on behalf of persecuted Christians.”

  1. Interesting that the policeman (?) has no problems stating, “A terrorist has just been shot!” (“Ein Terrorist wurde gerade erschossen!”). And afterwards no one has any idea what’s it all about? You must be kidding.

  2. I thought that was the voice of the person filming, who appeared to be a passer-by, who had no idea what just had happened either.

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