Facebook removes popular counter-jihad group without explanation or appeal

Jihad Watch post here:

Which leads to the question by the Clarion Project, “Does Facebook support terrorism?

Interview with founder and operator of the Counter-Jihad coalition:

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7 Replies to “Facebook removes popular counter-jihad group without explanation or appeal”

  1. I am part of the CJC and it is no hate group. We stand for human rights and against Sharia law. Our actions are lawful, peaceful and aimed at the bad actors who are lying to the public about Islam.We do not target individual, peaceful Muslims and do not advocate any harm to them.Islam, however, is a threat, and we try to educate people to that fact.

  2. The Posts about the VA and Israel are about the new Grand alliance in WWIII, the left and Islam are the new axis powers. The leftist influence in the West is a greater danger and a harder enemy to fight, even harder then the Islamic infiltrators that are embedded in our governments, police organizations, Intelligence agencies and our military forces.

  3. Much like Google, Facebook has become a de facto standard.

    It’s about time for people to realize that Facebook is a Public Enemy. The amount of damage being done by just this one entity is staggering. Decades from now, historians will wonder how people could ever have allowed themselves to be sucked into such a tremendously harmful waste of time.

    Video and computer games are a distant second when it comes to siphoning off precious personal interaction. Anyone who doubts this needs to step outside and watch the number of people who are, literally, glued to their smart phones. See: 53% of Young People Would Trade Their Sense of Smell for Technology

  4. Facebook does not recognise human rights. What about the United Nations Universal declaration of Human Rights… article 19.

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