Poland lovin Trump, CNN finding Reddit shit poster but not Russian connection: Links 1 on July 5, 17

1, Poland Prepares ‘Absolutely Huge’ Welcome for Trump

WARSAW—Like many of his fellow Polish pro-government lawmakers, Dominik Tarczynski is sending a busload of constituents to Warsaw on Thursday to cheer for President Donald Trump. The buses are being provided by a foundation close to the governing party.

Trump is welcomed in Warsaw ahead of speech to thousands bused in by the government – as ordinary Poles say ‘anyone who Merkel and Putin don’t like is good news for us’

The nation of Poland prepared a hero’s welcome for U.S. President Donald Trump in advance of his Wednesday night arrival in Warsaw. But the Polish government executed a decidedly understated ceremony to greet Air Force One at Chopin Airport.

Lawmakers in the formerly communist nation see in Trump a mirror of their own brand of nationalism that has seen many Poles bristle against an iron-fisted European Union centered on Germany.

Among the European nations, Poland is one of the holdouts against the notion of resettling massive numbers of foreigners.

2.  Alleged supporters of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro stormed the Venezuelan National Assembly in Caracas on Wednesday, injuring several journalists and law makers in the process.

(This seems like a good time to republish something I thought up and put on a T shirt a little while ago. Anyone who liked it, can feel free to go right ahead and put it on a T shirt for themselves.)

“Only a nation or culture with its foundations in truth can know freedom. The farther a founding principle is from truth, the more tyrannical that society must be.”

I would say Venezuela is proving that out.

3. Tania from Denmark tells us that the picture below shows a new fence that has been put up on bridges that are over roadways. The official story is to stop suicides, although thats never been necessary before and would be an important story even if true. But in fact, Tania explains, everyone knows its to stop muslims from throwing rocks onto cars.


Thank you M., Xanthippa, Wrath of Khan, Buck, PerfectChild, NorseRadish, EB., Tania, Lynx, and all who sent in materials. Its been a busy day. Several more videos to go including one of a zoo come mosque. They even had a minaret. But no one has the right to complain.

To paraphrase a comment under another YT video on this subject:

“It takes them 2 days to find a Reddit shit-poster but they can’t find a Trump-Russia connection in 6 months?”

The last time I looked into the right to anonymity in political discourse, it was a tested and true right in the USA. The reason, is exactly for situations like this. To protect critics of the powerful from the wrath of the powerful. Whether its high political office, or organized crime, or now, corrupt thuggish media.

He should have let them dox him. He would own CNN in a year.

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4 Replies to “Poland lovin Trump, CNN finding Reddit shit poster but not Russian connection: Links 1 on July 5, 17”

  1. Don’t expect the Venezuela footage on any Propaganda Media network, they will be afraid you will make the connection between the actions oin Venezuela and the action by antifa, BLM and BAMN. Then the ones who can think would make the connection between the government policies in Venezuela and what the left wants to do in all of our nations.

  2. Tania is right again! Saw a few of those anti moslem fences today.
    Whats next ? Wheelnut alarms ? You heard right, it have become
    an almost daily occurrence that people are getting their wheelnuts
    loosened and most of them removed. Black hooded persons have
    been seen doing this act of terror.

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