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9 Replies to “Media bias on terror reporting”

    • “Police say they are alarmed by the aggressiveness and brutality of the clans, which are said to view crime as leisure activity. If police dare to intervene, hundreds of clan members are mobilized to confront the police. A local woman interviewed by Deutschlandfunk radio said she was afraid for her safety: “After dark I would not stand here because there are a lot of conflicts between foreigners, especially between Lebanese and Turks.”

      A 17-page report prepared for the state parliament in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) revealed that Lebanese clans in Duisburg divide up neighborhoods in order to pursue criminal activities. These clans do not recognize the authority of the police.”

  1. The problem is, this will never be shown on mainstream media. At Finsbury Park, it took the police only 8 minutes to decide this was a terror attack, why? The perpetrator was anti-Muslim the victims were Muslims. No talk of lone wolves, or history of mental problems or ‘please no whatever-phobia’.

    • Of Darren Osborne:
      “‘He is disturbed, and has been on medication. He’s unemployed at the moment. He’s got problems, but he’s also got a wife and four kids, and we can’t talk to his partner Sarah, she’s somewhere safe.’ ”

      “It has also been revealed that Osborne split from his partner Sarah Andrews, 42, six months ago. ”

      Terrorist? Rage at Islam. (When it is the UK Government who created the environment for these false males who would be king, “yes boss,” to rise as rapists and murders).

      “The government introduced Prevent in 2003, [but who can prevent the Marxist governments creating fatherless homes that caused all this?] but it wasn’t made public for some years. It is one of the four Ps that make up Contest – the government’s post 9/11 counter-terror strategy: Prepare for attacks, Protect the public, Pursue the attackers and Prevent their radicalisation to start with. It is intended to stop vulnerable people becoming radicalised, joining extremist groups and carrying out terrorists activities.

      The programme was expanded greatly in the wake of the 2005 London bombings, with almost ¬£80 million spent on 1,000 schemes in the six years after the attacks.”

      Communism – lined up and shot after the Mothers Union has failed.

  2. Journalistic Clickbait


    Anyone who uses this misleading strategy needs to ………… (fill in the blank)

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