Videos of London attack, Multiple “stabbers for allah” also

Im not sure how this relates yet. Is this the attacker in London above?

AND: from the Daily Mail:

Jihadi terrorists shouting ‘this is for Allah’ kill seven in knife frenzy at ‘FIVE’ locations in the capital: Hunt for men with 12in blades who began the rampage by mowing down revellers on London Bridge

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11 Replies to “Videos of London attack, Multiple “stabbers for allah” also”

  1. I guess this must have been some of those Asians that they keep talking about. You know, the ones that cause all the trouble in UK. No Mooslims to see here. And notice how they make all the white Anglo looking people do the perp walk with their hands on their heads. WTF is that about??

    The good people of the UK are going to have to have their own revolution if there is any hope for their once great country to survive. In fact, judging by current events, it may already be too late. Do the math. If 20% of the Mooslims that are already there believe in the Sharia principles that it’s OK to kill infidels, then there are not enough cops or soldiers to deal with the terror that has become a way of life and death.

  2. Please pardon this cross-posting but I don’t have much else to say about these barbarians. What follows will have to become SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) if the West has any intention of surviving.

    Identify the attackers. Find out the locations of their ancestral villages in the Old Country and then make those places disappear (without warning). Deport any relatives or family members of theirs that are living in the West after seizing all of their assets as part of establishing a victim restitution fund.

    Make exceptions only for individuals (not any of their relatives) that had earnestly attempted to warn authorities beforehand. Otherwise, to hell with them and all of their ilk.

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