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19 Replies to “Rebel videos: London Bridge is mowing down”

  1. Terror expert: The only thing jihadists understand is fear

    Responding to the terror attacks in London, Aaron Cohen, former member of Israeli counter-terrorism unit, says the West needs to exact a very high price on terror organizations and their sympathizers

    • A petition calling for the election to be halted…

      I think that doing so might actually be a good thing because it could allow public outrage to ferment even further. I don’t see how it could do anything but make the appeasers even more apparent for what they really are and give Nationalists an opportunity to bolster their ranks.

  2. Identify the attackers. Find out the locations of their ancestral villages in the Old Country and then make those places disappear (without warning). Deport any relatives or family members of theirs that are living in the West after seizing all of their assets as part of establishing a victim restitution fund.

    Make exceptions only for individuals (not any of their relatives) that had earnestly attempted to warn authorities beforehand. Otherwise, to hell with them and all of their ilk.

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