Geert Wilders: Islam Is To Blame for Manchester

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands, sends the following essay on Monday night’s jihad terror attack in Manchester.

Islam Is To Blame for Manchester

by Geert Wilders

I am writing this article today just after we, members of the Dutch Parliament, in the presence of the British Ambassador, commemorated the Manchester victims with a short speech by our Prime Minister and one minute of silence.

Two months ago, we did the same for the victims in Stockholm. Last December, for those in Berlin. And, earlier, for those in Nice, Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen… The list becomes endless, while the number of Western ambassadors, who have not visited our Parliament for one of these sad occasions, becomes ever smaller.

And, every time, we hear the same hollow words of shock and grief and how incomprehensible it all is. But we never hear our Prime Minister, nor the leaders of other Western countries, tell us the truth: The cause of all this bloodshed, all this misery, all this pain and sorrow, is Islam.

Instead of the truth, we get crocodile tears. We have to listen to platitudes, we have politically correct hot air blown at us, again and again. But the truth remains that no bad tree bears good fruit.

Please read the rest at Gates of Vienna.

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2 Replies to “Geert Wilders: Islam Is To Blame for Manchester”

  1. It’s much kinkier than that.
    Muslim Brotherhood running Brit foreign policy, +/- military adventurism.

    Benghazi-gate, UK:
    Recruiting UK citizens or permanent residents from the ethnic-Libyan community to overthrow Gaddafi, 2011. Train and equip some irregulars – extremely irregular irregulars – and see what happens.

  2. The list becomes endless …

    What more needs to be said?

    What other response is there to such relentless evil?

    What alternative can there be which adequately opposes this sort of limitless barbarity?

    Immediate deportation or simple annihilation are the only answers.

    Anything less is just a variegated shade of treason.

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