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3 Replies to “New evidence Obama’s NSA conducted illegal searches”

  1. 1. Identify the very crime or misdemeanor of which you are guilty, but present it as a bad thing others do.
    2. Find the words to twist your tyrannical behavior into something sounding so reasonable no reasonable person should dispute.
    3. Never let them see you sweat.
    4. Be a Post-Modernist Asshole.

  2. They need to discover everone that was involved and charge them with crimes, the try and convict them. Start at the bottom and work up, that way you will find people who will rat out their superiors for a lesser sentence.

    • Ah yup.

      Even if 0bama manages to enjoy “presidential” immunity, it’s still important to make sure that every last single POS apparatchik in his administration who went along with this abortion of justice (amongst many other equally egregious abortions) pays the ultimate price.

      If (hypothetically) Trump had carried out this same perversion of America’s intelligence-gathering doctrine, I would seek no less of a penalty for him or his crew.

      There can be no partisan-based justification for defying and subverting America’s Constitution. Either this eternal document remains inviolable or it’s merely a malleable wad of lukewarm taffy that (to date) decades of “activist” and “radical” judges have been manipulating like the “bumpy bits” of their favorite prostitutes.

      The buck stops here. Either this generation of (aging Baby Boom) voters takes it within their hanging chads hands and makes a committed effort to halt this pervasive corruption of fundamental human freedoms or (they deserve to) carry forward the indelible label of, “those who cheerfully sold liberty down the river”.

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