13 year old rape victim told not to mention rapist’s ethnicity. Links 1 on May 14 – 2017

1, Paul Weston on the Tommy Robinson arrest

2. Dilbert author wants to share a room with Freeman Dyson at the reeducation camp on right-think.

3. Katie Hopkins show on the Muslim, sex-slave gangs. In this video she explains that discussing or publicizing the ongoing trials of muslim sex slave gangs, can and likely will lead to having the case thrown out of court. Which makes sense in a true democracy based on rule of law. It is one thing after they have been convicted. Quite another when they are on trial and in theory, receiving the benefits of the presumption of innocence and other aspects of democracy which, presumably, we are all fighting to preserve.

Here is a link to Breitbart which mentions another caller to the show. A girl from Rotherham who was raped at 13 and told by police not to mention the ethnicity of her rapists.

4. None of us have time for long videos. And we don’t post them here that often. But recently there have been some which are worth the time in our estimate. This is one of them. Islam in schools in Australia. Pretty sure its the same everywhere.



Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, EB., Gates of Vienna, and so many more.

Item 3 confirms many of our very worst fears.


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  1. When reading about the current British Police State I am always struck by how prescient Anthony Burgess was when he wrote Clockwork Orange. He set the time period roughly at this time period and wrote about a fascist police state in Britain. He had the native Brit gangs instead of Islamic invaders but other then that my memory says he came close to what is happening.

  2. In answer to Paul Weston, yes, the sickening lefty multiculturalists do know Niemoller’s quotation – they use it with Muslims as the ultimate victims, as a stick with which to beat “Islamophobia”. You see it on social media constantly in this context.

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