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18 Replies to “IMPORTANT: Testimony by French police on recent riots”

    • Thank you for sharing this interview, Rita.

      At the very least, the French police are entitled to use a strategy favored in several other countries. When violent demonstrations occur, police or military cordon off the entire area. A water cannon is brought in and charged with a powerful, brightly colored, fluorescent dye. The crowd is summarily hosed down and then swept by arresting officers that detain anybody whose person indicates presence of the dye.

      In the case of Molotov cocktail attacks, all who are detained after deployment of the water cannon ought to be tested for the presence of petroleum products on their skin or clothing. Any subsequent conviction merits significant hard time in “substandard federal housing with substandard co-tenants”, as Tom Clancy used to put it.

      • @ NorseRadish.

        These police were not even ALLOWED to use the water cannon and had to extinguish the flames on their colleagues on fire with their bare hands.
        The disarming of the French Police has started with the appointment of a nasty piece of work, Christiane Taubira, as Justice Minister. She is fully onside with the assorted no-go-zone creators…hates police, hates WHITE victims, came from Guyana and was known to demonstrate (often violently) against France for Independance. Her accomplice in treating the French Police like dirt was the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.
        Have a look what French police have to suffer :

        • Oh, by the way: here is the whole video. The policeman, whose name is Kevin) I think, was “PRAISED” for not using any force or weapon. He got 10 days sick leave and even was ENTITLED to a visit from the then Interior Minister – the execrable Bernard Cazeneuve (who is pursuing our friends from Riposte and Resistance) intensively in Justice for being Islam-Critics.
          Other policemen who were also burnt, while sitting in cars for surveillance were not “so lucky”. Unconfirmed reports have at least one of them maimed for life. Anyway here is this courageous Policeman who got a few “crumbs” thrown at him from the “hierarchy” for his absolute sang froid:

        • These police were not even ALLOWED to use the water cannon and had to extinguish the flames on their colleagues on fire with their bare hands.

          So sad to see that they could not even “extinguish” the flames with a slight amount of lead.

          Les Gendarmes deserve so much better. Everyone in La Belle France has my heart-felt sympathy. My 2010 visit to Lyon was a highlight of my entire culinary life. My heart deeply grieves to contemplate the destiny of such priceless culture. Please take courage and resist the savages forever.

  1. The police want to do their jobs but the politicians are preventing them from doing what they know they should. If Marine le Pen is elected we will discover how many of the rank and file police want to do their jobs.

    • Hi Richard,
      From memory of the last statistics I saw it’s well over 50 % of the rank and file police who openly support Marine Le Pen and will vote for her. But WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT : some of their Police Union hierarchy referred to are calling to vote for Macron !!!!!!!
      French Police have been made Sitting Ducks ! The story of the Policeman who brought the above video and article to us goes like this: He “insulted” the ISIS Kalif on his own face book page, under a nom de plume. One of his police colleagues (a female muslim arabe) “reported” him. He was suspended. Then sacked. Then they organised him getting bashed up. He is now not even allowed to work as a Security Guard in private (having held the position in the police) – recently he was close to suicide. He is not typical only because he protested, took a lawyer, would not give up – hence their full destruction of this honorable man. And you know what else ? That islamist cow is still in the French police force. Guess on whose side she is.

      • In every western nation it can be taken as a given that all high ranking union officials are Marxists to the bone and will always support the policies that hurt the west. This is true for the police unions as well as the other government unions.

        Yes I will believe that the rat who squealed on a fellow cop for making anti Moslem statements is still on the force, she has probably been switched to the French version of internal affairs division so she can investigate other cops.

      • One half support freedom and one have support dictatorship, I was hoping for a higher figure supporting freedom, although with luck about one half ot the non public supporters secretly support le Pen. Tomorrow we will see what the voters really think, and we will see how much vote fraud the establishment is going to pull.

  2. The will not to arrest “cop killers”—as the interviewed gendarme observed—equates to law enforcement (and the lives of police officers) being given secondary priority. When rule of law ceases to be a primary objective, the state has forfeited its moral and legal authority. The police have an obligation to both protect themselves and the common weal.

    Anyone brandishing a Molotov cocktail at a public assembly is a potential mass murderer. All further gatherings of size merit the placement of rooftop snipers to quickly pick off whomever attempts to lob a firebomb. That also includes anybody who is helping to light the incendiary device.

    By purposefully restraining police from enforcing existing law, the political command structure automatically relinquishes all right to give orders. Whoever is directing law enforcement to “stand down” during these riots is a threat to the public and police alike. A swift trial, conviction, and lengthy incarceration is all that they deserve. The longer such measures are put off, the more nasty “rough justice” will become when the day of reckoning finally arrives. Pity or mercy will no longer be an option for such traitors at that time.

    • You write a very good call for rebellion, so far just about everyone on our side is waiting to see if this rebellion can be carried out through the ballot box.

      • Thank you, Richard. I give the European (if not American) ballot box all of three or five years, at best.

  3. The police are being offered up as sacrificial lambs by the liberal Western governments to appease the young neo-Communist/Fascists. They prefer a dead cop to one of their children (mostly these are the elite’s kids) being arrrested and embarrassing them.

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