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3 Replies to ““…of the politicization of the intel community””

  1. Obama politicized every part of the Executive Branch, he used the power of the US government for partisan political purpose and if any of the current Dems are elected to the White House they will do this again. This is why it is vital to indict, try and convict the members of the Obama administration (up to and including Obama) for their crimes. This is the only way we stand a chance of re-establishing the rule of law in the US.

  2. Why is anyone surprised?

    0bama and crew all subscribe to, “magical thinking” (short article – mandatory read). Conservatism’s logic and empiricism is utter anathema to their inductive and wishful thinking.

    Politicization of the intel community” is merely another name for “1984”. Just wait until everyone is gulled into using “the cloud” and brought online with the “Internet of Things”. You think identity theft and cyber-monitoring are bad now? Just wait.

  3. As of 0900 CDT Susan Rice is still refusing to testify in the Congressional investigation of the unmasking of American civilians. This is setting up a showdown with Congress and this time there is a Justice Department that (hopefully) will enforce the subpeona.

    This is another attack on the rule of law in the US.

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