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5 Replies to “More ANTIFA insanity and commie Venezuela in melt down”

  1. Yet another 24 carrot example of why supremely humorless Liberals are finding themselves the (most deserving) butt of every last imaginable joke.

  2. Such “praise from the praiseworthy” as yours, dear yucki, lends an alarming amount of meaning to my life. Please take that in the most (disturbingly) worthy and kindly way possible.

    Now for the scary parts:

    • Mel Blanc (without whose vocal characterizations all Loony Toons would have been impossible) absolutely HATED carrots. Ergo, his stage props for Bugs Bunny required a bucket for him to spit out partially chewed carrots into.

    • Bugs Bunny was meant to represent the average American Joe, complete with whatever resourcefulness was needed to oppose and defeat this nation’s enemies – be it Nazis, Martians or . That this strategic inventory includes cross-dressing, high explosives, ballet, falling anvils, and “pronoun trouble” signifies more difficulties than I’d likely care to share at this point.

    • As with ballerinas of that time, Blanc was required by Warner Brother’s to be examined (and insured) by a voice pathologist of that time. His attending doctor was the same Hollywood speech therapist who had attended the famed operatic performer, Enrico Caruso. According to legend, Blanc’s doctor told him that he’d NEVER seen anyone with a voice box of such dimensions.

    • Again, remember, this means that Mel Blanc’s larynx outsized Caruso’s. Frightening, eh?

    • Go ahead and ask about Blanc’s impressions of Fog Horn Leghorn (or Senator Beauregard Claghorn of Charleston, South Carolina – to be precise). Better yet, inquire about one of the finest comedic animation lines of all times: “Fortunately, I keep mah feathers numbered for just such an emergency!”


    I’ll stop now…

    PS: Bless you, yucki.

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