Ex-Muslim in Paris gives the Mayor a piece of his mind

This is quite a clip and has a couple of cultural references that need adding. First, the man on a rant, Farod Smahi, who was hauled away from Anne Hidalgo yesterday as she left the Marks & Spencer store where terrorist Karim Cheurfi was gunned down by police, referenced the most famous case of malpractice of French jurisprudence.

From the translator, Ava-Lon:

“Fareed is using the expression J’accuse which entered in the French language about 120 years ago during the cause of Dreyfus.

Dreyfus was a Jewish officer in the French army who was tried for treason (in favor of Germans, who France was fighting at that moment) in 1894 in an atmosphere of prejudice and where evidence against him was fabricated.

“J’accuse” was an open letter of French writer Emile Zola, published in January 1898,concerning the case of Dreyfus, where Zola was accusing French government of antisemitism, bias , and unlawful jailing of Alfred Dreyfus. For that letter Zola was himself prosecuted for libel and found guilty in February 1898. He had to exile himself to England to avoid imprisonment. He returned to France the following year and continued his defense of Dreyfus, who was retired the same year, found guilty again, but was pardoned

(all seems to point to the government trying to save face)
Only in 1906, on appeal, Dreyfus obtain annulment of his guilty verdict and even awarded the Legion d’honneur the highest French media. (with mention “for a soldier who has endured an unparalleled martyrdom”)

The expression “J’accuse” since became the call of everyone who is fighting greater power. Even if fareed wasn’t aware of the exact case he sure used the expression well”

Also the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, is a well known leftist and muslim sympathizer.

In fact she is creating legal and financial problems for an excellent French counter-jihad site because they did a mocking caricature of her. 

Oz-Rita is more highly versed in that particular issue than are we.

Mayor of Paris and Mahmud Abbas

Oz-Rita adds the following about Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris:

“She came to politics via Francois Hollande.  At the time the now (still) French President was still living with the mother of his 4 children, Segolene Royal,  and it was reported that the latter was very unhappy about their “relationship” and did not like Hidalgo.”

When some Saudi was “offended” by some French writer and sued him, she took the side of the Saudi etc. she is a nasty piece of ‘work'”

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7 Replies to “Ex-Muslim in Paris gives the Mayor a piece of his mind”

  1. You have to be a naturalized citizen to defend the country who welcome you while the natural born citizen of that country celebrate “multiculturalism ” and spit on nationalism.

    I am one of many of those in USA!

      • Thanks Richard. I live in a Blue state….it is painful at time. I lived in France in 2006…when I returned in USA I kissed the ground. When I visited family in Canada, I kissed the ground when I returned home.

        Canada and France unemployment is sky high and have been forever. Partime jobs, unions makes some residents lazy and ungreatful.
        We can only hope people united for the sake of theirs children and their futur.

  2. “A French Muslim man had to be held back by security staff after he attempted to lunge at the mayor of Paris.

    The man, who has been identified as former regional councillor Farod Smahi, had to be hauled away from Anne Hidalgo yesterday as she left the Marks & Spencer store where terrorist Karim Cheurfi was gunned down by police on Thursday night.”
    By Paddy Dinham For Mailonline

    Creating The Good Muslim. Faking for The Narrative.

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