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14 Replies to “Police in Alabama to ANTIFA: “unmask or jail””

  1. This needs to be done throughout North America !! It is ridiculous to allow masks to be wore in pubic at any time !! To not unmask people that are going to a protest or demonstration is immoral and very unsafe for everyone involved, including the police, the general public, and the protesters !!

  2. This unmasking of people that are going to or are at a protest is a must do thing !! No masks would include all masks !! No bandannas,gas masks,paint ball masks….NO MASKS OF ANY KIND…. your face must be identifiable in public !

  3. I hope they didn’t stop with making them remove their masks. I hope they busted the thugs and those that broke the law. This is what it’s come to: free speech is only allowed if you are pro-Muslim, anti-Trump, anti-Israel, etc. etc.

    • I can see that point. But does anyone know if being unmasked stopped them from being violent thugs? Because if it did, that tells us a lot. May be the solution for a while and maybe its the winning stroke.

      • I don’t know but I am pretty sure that some (mind you, not all, but some) of them will think twice before doing something. If you wear mask than you think nobody will recognize you, you can do what you want, you are above the law. If somebody will make you take off the mask you are thinking “what happens if somebody will recognize me”? You start to think “what if”

      • Remember the mask in “Lord of the flies”? Very important factor in the primitivization of the boys. Banning masks won’t solve all the problems but it will definitely make life a lot more difficult for Antifa. For instance, how many of them are school teachers who couldn’t possibly be seen doing what they’re doing? After all, the teachers’ unions are the most powerful force in socialism. They are the base-of-the-base of the Democrat Party. And isn’t dressing up in black and trying to look scary a form of “terrorism”? Aren’t Antifa trying to scare ordinary people into doing what they want? Why isn’t that “terrorism”? Why can’t they protest peacefully? Why aren’t they arrested when they don’t?

        • Interestingly you’ve hit on a very salient point. The 4chan crowd finally outed the bike lock guy who was clubbing patriots at Berkeley. He’s a professor oat SFU…

  4. It’s about time someone stood up to these thugs and insisted that they identify themselves. If you have to prove your eligibility to vote, you should have to prove it to protest too.

  5. This is a start and shows what can be done if the local government wants peaceful protests v when the Berkeley government wants a riot.

  6. The police should have started doing this from the start but have been too intimidated by leftist politicians who think that violence and intimidation are what the term “freedom of speech” means. They think that people have a constitutional right to hurl deadly projectiles at those they don’t agree with, and they think that they have the right to do so without the possibility of being held accountable if anyone gets hurt. In my personal opinion, this is incorrect. I think that attempted murder should be illegal along with wearing a mask to avoid detection. But what do I know…?

    Has the election of Donald Trump made the police feel a little more emboldened? Has “Antifa” noticed how many people on YouTube would be cheering their heads off if the police worked these pricks over with their night sticks? Is Antifa starting to figure out how profoundly hated they are and how little we would all care if bad, bad things started happening to them…?

    • Rabbi Boteach quotes this gem from the Talmud: “Those who are kind when they should be cruel will end up being cruel when they should be kind.

      “Today we witness this teaching unfolding before our eyes, living as we do in a bizarre era where so many people in a position to support nations who stand for freedom and justice choose instead to support forces of evil, all in the name of compassion.

      Why in a world where we know what organizations like Hamas stand for – brutality towards women, murder of gays, suppression of freedom, genocidal aspirations toward the Jews – can people elevate the terrorist organization over democratic Israel? The answer lies in evil’s ability to hide in the shadows and escape the light of scrutiny. To hide behind masks as it commits atrocities. To cower behind lies and propaganda that ensnare the illiterate and befuddle the blind. It is found in the refusal to analyze and scrutinize one’s own biases and to uncover the contradictions and fallacies that pervade one’s own thinking.”

      [Examples from Lord of the Flies and real life ‘Jihadi John’.]
      “Evil flourishes when concealed. Brutality thrives in fog….

      Then there are those individuals who hide behind organizations – distorting facts and perpetrating outright slander – allowing evil to proliferate.

      Recently it was discovered that a gang of pedophiles molested more than 1,400 girls in Britain. They got away with this crime for the last fifteen years because authorities, abetted by the police, did not wish to seem racist in investigating the charges because the alleged perpetrators were of Pakistani origin.

      Brutality dare never be allowed in the name of compassion…”

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