Arrested shooter in Fresno shouted “Allah hu ackbar” and killing people

3 people killed in ‘random’ shootings in downtown Fresno

Three people have been killed in California after a series of “random” shootings in downtown Fresno, officials say. The suspect – who shouted “Allahu Akbar” while being taken into custody – is also the suspect in an earlier shooting. (more)


A short time later, a police officer spotted the suspect, who “literally dove onto the ground” as soon as he spotted the officer. While being taken into custody, the man – identified as 39-year-old Kori Ali Muhammad – shouted “Allahu Akbar.”

It was not immediately clear whether Tuesday’s shooting spree was an act of terrorism, but Chief Dyer said Muhammad’s Facebook account indicated that he “does not like white people.” All victims of Tuesday’s shooting were white, as well as the 4th person he shot at.

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9 Replies to “Arrested shooter in Fresno shouted “Allah hu ackbar” and killing people”

  1. Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer is deserving of major accolades for unabashedly identifying such hallmark signifiers in this jihadist attack as (the cry of) “Allahu Akbar”. Even more amazing is his unflinching mention of how suspect, Kori Ali Muhammad (Mohammad coefficient of 100%), also used the alias of “Black Jesus”.

    While this may seem to be some sort of awkward smear against Christianity—and only (negative) racialization of Christianity can promote such evil—it is incumbent upon all honorable Christians to ensure that the various elements of Black Liberation Theology, Communism (same thing), and Black Lives Matter (all of the above) somehow manage to accumulate every last bit of damning reputation for the intense evil that they so often perpetrate.

    Any and all questions are welcome. Comments please.

  2. Of course this happened in a gun control state, why take a chance on meeting an armed citizen and having the murder spree cut short.

    • …why take a chance on meeting an armed citizen and having the murder spree cut short.

      Aren’t these Islamic rutbags supposed to be totally unafraid of death?!?

      • They always try to carry out their attacks in areas where they can do a lot of damage before they are killed, they aren’t really afraid of dying just dying without and impressive number of kills.

  3. Video of Fresno killer Kori Muhammad threatening “We will continue to bring destruction and wrath upon America until we establish a Kingdom”

    Deeply concerned and awaiting for patriotic American Blacks to vociferously protest against such racialist misrepresentation as of 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 …………….


  4. DAILY MAIL – ‘I hate white people’: What man screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ told police after he was arrested for randomly shooting dead three people on the streets of Fresno, California

    Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, shot and killed three people in Fresno, California
    He reportedly shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ before shooting three white men
    He is also wanted in the death of a security guard on Easter Sunday
    He was arrested following the attack which police say was a ‘random act of violence’
    It is not believed Muhammad had any accomplices in the horror attack

    Muhammad posted a number of photos on Facebook donning turbans and head jewelry

    Muhammad, who was born Cory Taylor, is a self-proclaimed rapper who goes by the nickname of ‘Black Jesus’. He also goes by the name of B-God Mac Sun, and sells his 12-track album ‘True Story Kori’ on Amazon

    The spree shooter has a length criminal record, including a dismissed felony charge of unlawful firearm possession in 2004.

    He was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial in 2005 after a grand jury indicted him on cocaine and firearm possession. A federal judge later declared him mentally fit in 2006 and he subsequently served 92 months in prison.

    Sayed Ali Ghazvini, imam of the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno, said Muhammad was not a member of his congregation and he did not recognize him.

    Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno :

    A man, who claimed to follow our faith of peace and compassion, committed terrible acts of violence […]

    […]the phrase allahu akbar, or God is great, is a prayer of peace for 1,8 billion Muslims around the world […] When someone utters these beautiful words and commits violent acts, it brings pain to our community[…]

    Additionally, today’s crime represenst nothing to do with our faith[…]

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