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8 Replies to “A good analysis by one brave American who went undercover at the Battle at Berkeley with ANTIFA”

  1. The two older people were the leaders of this antifa group, they will show up at protests/riots but will be careful to commit no crimes. These are the dangerous one, the ones in contact with the upper leadership of the far left groups that are the current foot soldiers of the lefts war on civilization.

    • Yes I see the same thing in photos of the Ottawa, Montreal demos. there are older guys there, 50s and 60s, who seem to have a darker less ideologically pure purpose and direct their useful idiots.

      • Even if they’re careful not to break the law, they deserve special attention. • Photos, ids for future reference. Maybe RICO prosecution.
        • For now, target these creeps for tear-gas and rubber-bullets.

      • It would be very interesting to see who they meet with, who gives them their orders and who gives their bosses their orders.

  2. The West’s inability or refusal to inflict adequate harm against Islam has directly contributed to the rise of ANTIFA. A lack of serious consequences only tends to embolden those who are willing to initiate violence. Instead, if anyone showing up at these events wearing a mask managed to get the snot kicked out of them on a regular basis, all of this trouble-making would rapidly cease to be so popular. At the very least, forcibly remove their masks and take digital photos for future reference.

    Just as with Islam, a lot more bloodshed awaits.

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