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2 Replies to “Re tweet Geert gain 33%!”

  1. The Muslim Party (DENK) got 3 seats. Anyone else expect that that number is likely to steadily rise in subsequent elections? It is simply dependent on the percentage of Muslims in the population: they are predictable, if nothing else, and will vote 70, 80 percent for Sharia-supporting Parties (once that option is available to them, at least).

  2. He will be frozen out of the government which will anger his supporters and Erdogan is talking tough and has done so for long enough that he will have to act. He has said there will be holy war in Europe and is going to have to carry out his threats if he is to have an credibility in Europe. If there weren’t so many Moslems of military age in Europe I wouldn’t be worried, the way things are Europe is ripe for massive violence that at least initially the various governments will try to hide from the public.

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