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11 Replies to “LIVE Dutch election results”

  1. Rutte wins the election. This was expected.
    Wilders’ PVV only 19 seats
    Muslim party has 3 seats.
    Very high turnout in Rotterdam, 81%. Will take a while to get their results.
    The problem is Wilders has no general platform and is a one-man party.

    • Give it another 4 or 5 years – Wilders will have LOTS of company, and his policies of choice will become the most relevant issue in the country.

      Keeping in mind however – the larger the segment of invaders on welfare, the less the chances the Dutch will reclaim their country. My feeling is that this was the point of no return.

      • Take a good hard look at what Erdogan is doing, I don’t think Europe has 4 or 5 more years before things explode, I am not sure they have four or five more months before the explosion.

        • Take a good hard look at what Erdogan is doing, I don’t think Europe has 4 or 5 more years before things explode, I am not sure they have four or five more months before the explosion.

          I concur. This is a classic sociopolitical pressure cooker. In fact—much as I decry such false flag tactics—if some sort of ersatz “Reichstag fire” happened, that would not surprise me in the least. EU governments have bred up a degree of desperation amongst indigenous Europeans that has not been seen since WWII or the Berlin Airlift.

          When one factors in the destructive, simultaneous presence of two such oppressive forces as Islam and overbearing Socialism, it takes on the catastrophic aspect of two (or three) bodies attempting to occupy the same space at the same time. As in, all odds point towards an infinitely small probability of there being any sort of happy ending.

          Harsh as it might sound, it will be better for all involved if this smoldering firestorm ignites in only “four or five more months”. The resulting burns will heal soon enough without too much scarring. Allowing this cancer to metastasize for another “4 or 5 more years” will necessitate potentially crippling amputations (especially for any surviving Muslims).

          • So far everyone is holding back trying to correct the problem at the ballot box but in too many cases in Europe the best person may win the popular vote but be frozen out of the new government. This leaves them with but one option and they are scared enough for their nation an the future of their descendants that they will take the last option before too long. This option is being helped along by Erdogan’s incredibly heavy handed attempts to bully Europe into surrendering. Erdogan and the Moslems needs to remember that before the radical left started attacking Western Civilization we dominated the world for several centuries. Now the Moslems and the left are forcing the Western nations to revert to the people who built the colonial empires and who caused the world to tremble with their wrath.

            The Sleeping Giants of North America and Europe are slowly being awaken and forced to resort to violence. Once again the world will tremble at their wrath. Once again the Europeans and those of European descent are forced into barbarism to protect their heritage.

        • Agree, It’ll be soon.

          Only one thing: Erdoff has a pattern of extreme behavior. I’ve watched it carefully as it’s played out with Israel, Iran, Syria, and Russia over the years.

          He flips out, erstwhile partner becomes mortal foe. Appalling behavior, reckless savagery, apparently intent on burning all bridges. Terrible, unforgivable.

          Followed by demands that other, current partners reject this new – or renewed – Enemy of The Global Turk. “If you love me, prove it by joining the fight against the [new] Satan!” Demands escalate.

          If and when he gets slapped down hard – or when he mutilates another critical relationship – he’s suddenly back. Total, abject surrender. Lubricious, embarrassing.

          This pattern is apparent in his personal life as well. The most well-known example is his old buddy Fetuhallah Gülen, and how that’s played out in changing U.S.-Turk alliance. There are others.

          But he DOES back down.

          Nobody should trust him, but he’ll turn on a dime. He’ll create a crisis to justify the flip, or make something up. Anything. Say, a transition in the U.S. administration. But that won’t be the real reason.

          It’s very weird. Possibly yet another idiosyncratic Islamic thing.

          • Yucki,
            Remember Erdogan coup last year? Who let him know about the military coup d’état in his country?
            There is a lot of “noise” to distract us.
            What do you think.
            The Armenian Genocide has been recognized by Germany ? And here is Germans welcoming millions of “Muslims” .
            Junta 1976, Argentina. I am seeing similarities.

    • Him le Pen and the other nationalist leaders are all at risk, but if one or more of them is murdered that will hasten the explosion. Personally I pray they will live but we may not get that lucky.

  2. Demographics will probably kill the chances of Wilders in the future. The younger generation seems to be full of airheads. Migrate to Iceland….?

    • The entire world will explode before the demographics have a chance to change much. The social pressure cooker is building up pressure and the safety valve has been welded shut.

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