Viktor Orban delivers short and powerful speech on victims of communism with a warning to the future

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation and Gates of Vienna for the fine tune.

People might remember that Canada’s last rational leader, Stephen Harper, proposed a monument to the victims of communism. A monument which is way overdue.

Leftists decided the project was “controversial” and shouldn’t be done. The progress of the entire project is in this Wikipedia article. 

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18 Replies to “Viktor Orban delivers short and powerful speech on victims of communism with a warning to the future”

  1. If you don’t know where you have been, how do you know where you are going? If you don’t know history how do you know what the mistakes of your ancestors were?

    Communism under many names has been around since man started grouping together for safety. It has failed every time ending in starvation and either violent revolution or invasion. It can thrive for a while by stealing the money of the rich and the middle class but eventually it will run out of other peoples money to steal and spend. A small nation like Venezuela will go broke faster then a large country like Russia, but they will eventually go broke. They may hold off the collapse for a while by resorting to quasi capitalism or crony capitalism but eventually the result will be a total collapse of their economy. The alt radical leftists will say that the previous failed version of communism/socialism weren’t true socialism and that they were around to make it work. Any economic system that requires specific self proclaimed geniuses to make it work is a delusion on the part of the self proclaimed elite geniuses.

    The West is facing an uncertain future because when the Soviet Union fell the leftist in the west had enough power to ensure that the true history of the Soviet Union never made it to the Western nations. Our knowledge of the horror story caused by Marxism is limited to the people who learned what communism was like when a child and remembered this despite the leftists attempt to suppress this knowledge in the West. Now the Moslems and our home grown alt radical leftists are working to destroy our civilization so the can replace it with either Islam or the mythical Socialist Utopia. We in the Counter Jihad movement are the fighters on the front-line to save the west from destruction. Our civilization may be so damaged that it can’t be saved but if we can preserve or in some cases reclaimed we can reclaim our history and rebuild our civilization. Under no condition must we stop fighting, as long as we fight we can’t lose but if we listen to the leftist propaganda and give up freedom is doomed for several generations.

    Robert Heinlein the Science Fiction author philosopher said: : “You can’t enslave a free man, the worst you can do is kill him.”

    Ethan Allen and the founders of Vermont worded it differently: “Live Free or Die.”

    • Plenty of Russkis here know the score.
      They’re amused and astonished watching babbling idiots – professional rabble-rousers, Hollywood bubble-heads, spokesbimbos – followed by hoards of “educated” millennials, superannuated hippies, and racist opportunists.

      I ask them what they learned at school. They had to memorize impenetrable tracts of Lenin, other “founding fathers”. It made no sense, it was like memorizing the Koran. Just deadened the ability to think, to engage in meaningful discourse.

      These people could be a great asset for our side. But life has taught them to STFU. I have seen a few excellent blogs, though.

      • They would be valuable but it would take careful recruiting and teaching to get them to open up, given the current political mess I don’t see that happening. Live in a communist nation has taught them to keep their heads down and not get in trouble.

    • “Communism under many names has been around since man started grouping together for safety. It has failed every time ending in starvation and either violent revolution or invasion.”

      Always at the point where their “helpers” become their enablers and their dependency drug-pushers.

      When Race Lives Matters, Gender Diversity and Jihad Identity become their new broken-in children and fodder for their plantations.

      Communism fails because like all religions, there are no angels to tend to your big fat egos, only demons.

  2. Excuse me, but, the subtitles are not in yellow.

    Please, make future subtitles in yellow.

    Only criticism of this video I can make…

  3. We know who didn’t want a memorial to the victims of communism and we know why they didn’t want it. It’s the problem that shall not be named. It takes money and attention away from their persecution racket which justifies their crushing globalism.

  4. Excellent speech. I like his expression “snake eggs.” He nails the Progressive as the spawn of Communism. Teach your children. We are stupid and complacent. All of our snake eggs have hatched.

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