The left and islam knock it up a notch: links 1 for February 26th 2017

1, Ontario legislature unanimously passes anti-Islamophobia motion

The Ontario legislature unanimously passed an anti-Islamophobia motion Thursday afternoon, a marked difference from the heated debate happening among Conservatives over a similar motion at the federal level.

The vote passed 81-0.

The motion from Liberal backbencher Nathalie Des Rosiers called on the legislature to “stand against all forms of hatred, hostility, prejudice, racism and intolerance,” rebuke a “growing tide of anti-Muslim rhetoric and sentiments” and condemn all forms of Islamophobia.

Des Rosiers introduced the motion Dec. 1 in response to incidents in her Ottawa-Vanier riding such as anti-Muslim graffiti, and young women wearing hijabs who were spat on, she said. It took on extra urgency after six men were shot to death at a mosque in Quebec, she said.

2. Coulter on Trump’s choice to skip a dinner where they will castigate him for 2 Horus and he is supposed to pretend to enjoy it. The same dinner for Obama was pure flattery.

3. Marine Le Pen vows to REMOVE France from ‘MONSTER’ EU and start NEW bloc of rebel nations

MARINE Le Pen branded the European Union (EU) a “totalitarian institution” and pledged to free a “weakened” France from the crippling burden of EU bureaucracy.

The Front National leader has laid out her foreign policy vision for France with plans to reverse EU bureaucracy which has left France “enfeebled” and “cut off” form the world.

Speaking in Paris yesterday, she said: “It’s time for us to put an end to this bureaucratic monster that is the European Union. European countries are bound together in many ways, and this mandatory coalition is destroying individual member states.”

The far-right chief also vowed not to allow her country be “diminished, isolated, and wholly dependent on the EU”.

4. Today in Paris. A re enactment of yesterday’s riots.

I guess they figure this is better for tourism than cheese and long bread.

5. Australian mullah pretends to be anti terror and pro West but it is likely a beard for anti-sunni agitation. Notice he doesn’t say a bad word about Iran. #1 sponsor of terror and killer of gays.

6. You really can sell anything to the public if you mask it in the language of cultural Marxism.

I guess its cause they believe this.

And this isn’t fake news at all.

And how far is too far?

7. Last night’s riots in Paris (Weaponized trash bins)

8. Jewish brothers stopped at red light ‘assaulted with HACKSAW by anti-semitic attackers

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, JH., Johnny U., Sandra S., Gates of Vienna, Buck, Richard, Xanthippa, and everyone who contributed to the work today.

Lots queued up for tomorrow already.

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7 Replies to “The left and islam knock it up a notch: links 1 for February 26th 2017”

  1. 1. “Premier Kathleen Wynne spoke of a time early in her career when she was warned that Muslim voters wouldn’t support a lesbian candidate. (She’s carried the riding by double digits in every election from 2003 onward.)”

    The dismantellers of the foundation JudeoChristianity of Adam and Eve, are being block-voted for, and coached to voting booths by, a new trade union leadership of Imams.

    Voyager One fossilized this bygone era of civilization and humanity: ) .

  2. 6 – Yes you can sell anything as long as you mask it in cultural marxism, the people doing the screaming either don’t think about what the actions the are supporting mean of think that their kids are going to private schools where this action won’t be allowed.

    • Since they are reported to have used a collapsible baton on the punk I don’t think they did anything to him besides beat him and possible kick him in the butt.

  3. #4. just a tiny correction: that demonstration was mean as “welcome” to Le Front National (Marine LePen) in NANTES. Like Islam, these faschos infect and spread to every corner of our world.

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