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8 Replies to “Swedes send authorities into Rinkeby in unprecedented ways and numbers”

  1. me too !

    Incidentally, the effect that your POTUS has is wide reaching. I can see a lot of new hope coming into my French friends from Riposte Laique and Resistance Republicaine, a new spring in their courageous steps – despite facing many court appearances with the ensuing costs (freedom, money, nerves) in the last days of their corrupt extreme Left government.

    I have a feeling too, that our Marine is holding back a little on putting too much water into her wine since the 20th January. (Although the quasi-criminal power machine that is the French left Power will not let her win the 2nd, and decicive tour I fear).

    • It takes a leader and will all respect to Geert and Marine and the others they don’t have the international charisma Of the Donald. They are politicians and he is an entrepreneur and an entertainer, this gives him a real big advantage when he is talking to the people. That is one of the reasons that the left hates him and hated President Reagan, both know how to go around the media and get their message to the people in language that the people will understand and support.

    • All we can do is wait and pray, we all feared that the Clinton Crime Family would find a way to crook the vote and steal the election. It is now coming out that they did crook the vote but enough little people outside of the cities turned out to prevent the steal. With a little help from above that will happen in France.

      Everyone in the MSM and Propaganda media are worried about the raise of “European” nationalism, we in the CJ are afraid of what will happen if Europe doesn’t return to nationalism. Will the resistance to the Islamic invasion sow the seeds of WWIV? Probably the seeds of WWIII were sowed during and after WWII. All we can do is fight the current enemy and let our descendants worry about the enemy in their time.

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