When gossip is real news, and honour killings, “the Islamic flu”

Once again, there seems to be no way to avoid the constant barrage of BS concerning the US election. I had foolishly expected that once the election was over we could get past gossip masquerading as news and deal with real issues with the odd comic relief.

Clearly the political left and the corrupt institutions of State in the US continue to force everyone to look the way they are pointing. Mostly to noisy gossip and fictions. Michael Moore for instance is somehow relevant again, even though he was revealed as a professional fabricator years before Hillary Clinton.

Some of the MSM stuff, even from our side I am delighted not to bother with. Its time filler and gossip. But some of it really does indicate just how decrepit the state of democracy is in the US. Remember, Watergate was a scandal created by a disgruntled FBI senior executive who felt he should have been picked as head of the Bureau instead of whoever it is that Nixon picked. And Trump wants to “drain the swamp.” And much of that swamp is intel agencies.

1 All this leading to the second strangest endorsement I can imagine, right after one of the Kim Jongs, for Trump:

2. On the gossip front, a Spanish useful idiot for whoever gets her attention, a paella fed home gal does the tired topless protest of a statue of Trump at a wax museum in Spain.

3. Indictment of Florida Pulse bar jihadi’s wife unsealed

4. ‘No regrets’: Pakistani mom promised her daughter a wedding reception. Instead, she burned her alive

Zeenat Rafiq had been married to her husband for just one week when her mother showed up at the couple’s home in June offering to throw them a wedding celebration.

It must have been strange for the 18-year-old Pakistani woman. Her mother, Perveen Bibi, had never approved of her relationship with Hassan Khan, a classmate. Nor had other members of the family, who had rejected multiple marriage proposals from her husband before the couple eloped.

But now, all was forgiven, her mother told her. Come home to celebrate so you’re not branded as an eloper.

Rafiq nervously agreed.

But there was no celebration on her return to the family’s home in Lahore, Pakistan. Instead, her mother and brother beat and strangled her, then tied her to a cot, doused her in kerosene and lit her on fire, according to reports at the time.

Gonna cut this post short as I have 4 more videos to do, all of which are of interest and importance.

Thank you all who contributed so far today. The list was wiped out as I had my daily computer crash a few minutes ago and they did not get recovered from the post for some reason. I trust you know who you are and that all our gratitude is intact even if the latest greatest laptop is not.

I bet the title gets memed though. A woman gets butchered or otherwise killed by her family for some nothing non-event and people will shrug and say “Oh Aisha? She caught the Islamic flu”. I can’t decide if thats a good thing or not. Probably not. Just more dismissal of the new normal of Islamic grotesqueries.

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6 Replies to “When gossip is real news, and honour killings, “the Islamic flu””

  1. In the good ol’ days of the Soviet Union there was no “Fake” news. There was Izvestia: honed to obfuscate the truth, condition the masses, and deliver the Party line.

    Calling news “Fake” is remiss in that it does not nail it specifically for what it is: Propaganda. The word Fake allows the faker off the hook with something sounding less serious–almost playful. Propaganda, conversely, is toxic and corrupting on a mass scale. It is dangerous, causes civil strife and leads to those who contravene the central planners’ orders being rounded up and imprisoned. This is the natural extension of societies that suffer serious propaganda machines. Enough people are brainwashed or afraid that no one supports the dissidents.

    Today, propaganda outlets such as BBC and CBC are straight-up, Soviet-styled Ministry of Truth lie factories. Corporate MSM link themselves to the Ministries of Truth in respective countries through crony connections and reciprocated privileges.

    Americans may have dodged a bullitt with the election of Trump. We will see. Regardless, the power of Progressive Groupthink created by all western propaganda machines will, if it is not stopped, bring us to a point where not just opinion leaders like courageous, dissenting professors, journalists and politicians are charged with crimes or have their lives ruined. No, soon the central planners will be holding the little people to criminal account, too. This is happening with increasing frequency. It is the natural extension of propaganda and the totalitarian mindset.

    • You are right, they are Propaganda mouth pieces of the alt left (far radical left) and we are entering a very dangerous time that will determine if freedom is going to survive or not.

    • You put it well, Johnny.
      It is sobering when you peel off the cutesy tag.
      We’re can’t afford to be casual about the nature of the beast. It’s out to destroy the very qualities that make us[*]</b] “The land of the free/ and the home of the brave.”

      [*]</b]That’s an inclusive “us”. You’re here at Vlad Tepes by choice: that means you’re still ok. There’s an individual inside the thing facing your screen.

      We’ll have to find a way to box up the commissars before they seize more human capital. Between the commie imperative to make mush from brains, and the tards quest for colonies of zombies, we have to make the most of this Trump opportunity.

  2. 4. Under Islam, Muslim females circumcize, beat and kill less-Muslim women. It is known as the Swedish Syndrome.

    Under Communism, Socialist males ostracize, cheat and deskill less-Socialist men. It is known as the Stockholm Syndrome.

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