Putin gives hard core press conference on the Trump-prostitute forgery

Once again, grudging admiration is being dragged from me by Vladimir Putin, while a greater and greater mistrust of US intel agencies takes root. After all, it was an FBI guy who fed all that info to two rookie reporters Woodward and Bernstein, to take down a president for no reason other than a personal vendetta about a job posting he felt he should have had.

I guess thats more the norm than I was prepared to accept.

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  1. It is strange to see an ex KGB agent, Russian leader doing a standup comedy routine about Obama’s government. (well deserved satire I might add).

    • Crossware- He’s known for his brilliant, expressive gutter- humor. I’ve been treated to translations that are simply devastating.

      He’s a virtuoso in the graphic analogy, a magical realist in fleshing out the anatomically impossible in the persona of one or another of his adversaries. His target is then forever transformed, just as the clock after the Salvador Dali rendering of it.

        • OT: I saw – I will. Just a lot happening.
          I helped put together an English-language PTSD manual for Israeli civilians. The medical research there is light-years ahead of anything elsewhere. Increasing numbers of afflicted worldwide require treatment. Critical to tackle it quickly, when it’s almost always reversible and before it becomes chronic.

          It’s lovely that my absence is missed by our own Rita.
          [There’ve also been requests here for Rita’s patented vomit bucket. Malca, for one; she selflessly peruses exceptionally emetic material for the greater good. She deserves ready access to a copious sick-bag.]

          Maybe we could get a sidebar gif for emergencies.

  2. I like Putin and trust him to do what is in Russia’s (and his) best interest. It is not in Russia’s best interest to overtly interfere in the US election, note the overtly. Russian cyber spooks know enough to hide who they are and not leave evidence, For this reason the reports that the hacking was done by them are not believable.

    As for the US police and intel groups I like what they are suppose to do and trust some, repeat some of the lower ranking personal but have seen too many of the higher ups become political and pervert the course of justice and endanger the US by caving to the left wing politicians who control way too much in this nation. The intel chiefs who are attacking Trump are doing so under orders of their masters, the people who are giving Obama orders. If they don’t destroy Trump he will have 8 years to drain the swamp and hopefully Pence is as honest and will continue Trumps work for another 8 years.

  3. Putin has had to assume the mantle of the Leader of the Free World while the US has been run by the Muslim Brotherhood Administration. He has done an admirable job under the circumstances. ISIS is in it’s death throes in Syria due to his decisive intervention, turning the tables on Obama’s Islamic Caliphate ambitions in the region… Trump will help share the responsibility and take some of the pressure off him.

    • Yeah, the MB have done a number on us. Not confined to CAIR, et al., but throughout Congress and the intelligence agencies. Just listen to McCain for a taste of what ‘compromised’ sounds like. They’re not easily eradicated.

    • A lot of people won’t, which is one of the reasons that Putin wasn’t worried about civilian causalities when they were taking Aleppo.

    • Thank you, Johhnyu. At that time, I had mistakenly thought that the wanton slaughter of some 200 young children might have galvanized our civilized world into crushing Islam. The generally flaccid respond that this atrocity evoked only serves to inspire dread whenever I consider what it will finally take to mobilize global might and permanently whale the everlasting stuffing out of Islam.

  4. This attack on Trump is classic “0” skullduggery. A little late in the game to benefit Hillary but probably designed to make things as ruff as possible for America and Trump. “0”‘s political career is littered with the destroyed lives (and deaths) of those who opposed him or might know or do something to impede his advance towards the presidency.
    On another note, who really cares if a businessman engaged the services of prostitutes, although can not imagine that someone like Trump would have to pay. Power is the most reliable aphrodisiac.

    • Attacks like this are political war tool of all leftists, the Clintons used it quiet well prior to and during the Clinton administration, it took Obama using variations of this to stop Hillary the first time when she was using it on Obama.

      Trump is a mild germophobic so the idea that he would pay for a golden shower is insane, he would be freaking out well before anything started. But since most people don’t know he is germophobic some will believe the attack.

        • “Germophobic”?

          Uh … you do know that urine is sterile. Right?

          Given the absence of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), in a medical emergency, human urine can be used to irrigate open wounds.

          Remember, severely dehydrated people routinely resort to drinking it … and live.

  5. Do you think that our Special Forces are keeping tabs on every American billionaire?

    G’wan!!! You’ve got to be fü¢king kidding me?!? Russia’s intelligence agencies NOT keeping tabs on the exact military-resolution GPS coordinates of an “American billionaire” during even a fifteen second stay within their borders?!? Only an abject moron would doubt such a thing!!!

    To obtain just a few milliseconds of blackmail-worthy content, the GRU would have been all over Trump—or any other visiting “American billionaire”—like a fecking pedophile on a naked kindergartner. Who the fü¢k is kidding whom?!?

    The Putin’s GRU cheerfully would have sacrificed more than several dozens of their best agents in order to obtain even the slightest amount of compromising material on Trump, or any other Western individual with a similar-sized bank account. How the fü¢k does anyone think that the KGB and STASI survived for all those decades?!?

    While it’s certainly amusing hilarious ironic meaningful (in all the wrong ways) to hear the masters of “honey pot” strategy deny any interest in this sort of crap, what sort of credulity is required to believe idiotic garbage like:

    Therefore, I have no reason to attack him, critique him, or defend him in any way.

    One more time, who the fü¢k is kidding whom?!?

    I can hardly imagine him eloping with our damsels of low social responsibilities.

    Fecking priceless!!! To think that someone like Putin—who is capable of slicing and dicing diplo-speak at this sort of microtome level—nonetheless, somehow, has no understanding of intent, or the need to ensnare a “whale” like Trump simply requires a suspension of disbelief that transcends the Kool-Aid™ drinkers at Jonestown.

    I would like to say that prostitution is a serious and ugly social disorder.


    Putin is a world class pimp. He and his oligarch cronies are shamelessly whoring Russia’s women wholesale.

    Sex Slavery Thrives in Russia Out of Public View

    Russia ranked as the country with the sixth-biggest slave population in the world — 1 million people — in a fresh annual report by the Australia-based Walk Free Foundation released last week.

    The report put the total number of slaves among 167 countries of the world at 35 million. India was the runaway leader with 14 million slaves, while Mauritania had the highest percentage of slave population (4 percent).

    The report did not differentiate between types of forced labor, but said the sex industry was among the main employers of Russian slaves.

    Please don’t fü¢king fool yourselves. Even as the most (potentially) powerful counterbalance against Communist China, Putin’s Russia is about as reliable as a that nuclear reactor at Pripyat.

      • I think the statements were aimed at the same useful idiots that would believe that Trump is stupid enough to do something in Russia that would let the FSB or GRU get a hold on him. To do that would require someone like Bill Clinton who always thinks with the wrong head. Unlike Clinton, Trump make his money legally using his brains not selling the US Foreign Policy.

        • I think the statements were aimed at the same useful idiots that would believe that Trump is stupid enough to do something in Russia that would let the FSB or GRU get a hold on him.

          I agree. This clearly was for great unwashed “public consumption”.

      • Please pardon my skepticism, yucki, but I am increasingly convinced that all world leaders (Trump included) should be taken at their precise spoken word.

        When Iran’s mullahs, or various Hezbollah cadres yodel, “Death to America”, that’s our signal to clear the decks with a fuel/air bomb. This entire world would be a far better place if each and every one of these slimy, wriggling, jihadist fü¢k nuggets maggots had to first look over their collective shoulder before even thinking about squealing aloud in protest of the proverbial, “Great Satan”.

        The same goes for Putin. His charade of pretending that Russia no longer continues to use “honey pots” that entrap the unwary monitor a vast majority of Western visitors (especially those in Trump’s stratospheric realm) is not just laughable, but an utter affront to the selfsame intelligent people that might, otherwise, be inclined to cut Vladimir a little slack (as Richard does) for vigorously looking after Russia’s own interests.

        Putin is far too voluntarily embedded into entangled with Russia’s supremely malignant mafia oligarchic-pseudo-aristocracy to merit being hailed as a true champion of that nation’s regular citizenry. Should any further evidence be needed, please examine that country’s GINI index.

        Between economic hopelessness—a persistent and primary driver of almost incurable, nationwide, epidemic-level alcoholism (along with routinely declining workplace performance)—and a concomitant, financially crippling pandemic of FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), which has had devastating effects upon Russia’s economic viability, not to mention its far more crucial population replacement rate—Putin’s overal “leadership” is nothing short of dismal. Full stop.

        While it’s true that his admirable more ruthless policies of suppressing Islamic terrorism have had undeniable value—especially when compared to the relatively counterproductive responses of Bush 2.0 or 0bama—Putin’s KGB history points towards a disturbing pattern of facilitating Islamic terrorism whenever it suited USSR aims and might conveniently continue to serve post-Soviet goals in the 21st century.

        If you have not already done so, please consider reviewing:

        The communist roots of Palestinian terror by David Meir-Levi (December 2007)

        The (Russian) Roots of Islamic Terrorism by Antero Leitzinger (March 2002)

        A final and deceptively important question: How different are these original Communist Goals from those of Russia, right now? (Richard, your input would be entirely welcome at this juncture.)

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