Interview with Al Assad: “If you want truth, look to alternative media”

 Check the comments at The Rebel for this video. Especially one by Bravo Zulu.

(We posted the Sunni muslim terrorist video of chem-weapons test on rabbits, then its use on Syrian civilians, when it happened, here at Vlad. This was before Obama and his propaganda team reversed the agency)

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12 Replies to “Interview with Al Assad: “If you want truth, look to alternative media””

  1. The war in Syria came about because Obama and Hillary decided that Assad had to be removed, the real reasons for this decision are not known but probably because he was protecting the non Moslems and building a secular country in the middle of a sea of Islam. Obama as a closet Moslem couldn’t allow this affront to Islam stand and Hillary wanted to tear down any nations that was not supporting war on the US.

    Welcome to the war PET has inherited.

    • Richard did it not also have much to do with various players fighting over natural gas pipelines? If you recall, the Syrian war was precluded by Western Europe’s struggles and hand wringing over their natural gas supplies under threat by Putin to turn them off. This prompted calls for alternative supply sources including the more expensive LNG. Many proposals for pipelines sprung up originating in the Middle East, all to usurp Putin’s stranglehold on Europe’s gas supply. Of course, Putin would not let a captive market be free without a fight, would he? The world seems to have forgotten all about this.

      My bet is money trump’s religion when it comes to war.

      • That may be part of the reason but not a very big part, Obama set out the boundary lines for the Middle East split between Shia and Sunni Assad and all of Syria are in the Sunni section. Obama also seems to hate mainstream Christianity and Assad was protecting Christians. To a true believer and Obama appears to fit that description for both Islam and Communism religion and ideology will trump money every-time. It has been a long time since the West say someone of Obama’s type in power and we have (most of us anyway) forgotten what they are like. Slightly off topic, it will be interesting to see what actions and scandals Obama is destroying the documentation on, the names of the actions will tell us a lot about his motivation for the various scandals and other actions.

      • Several articles about what some Israeli analysts call the “Pipeline War”:
        Nov. 14, 2014
        By removing Assad, Obama may be declaring war on China
        President Obama is not the only actor with a red line on Syria. China, Russia and Iran also have their own red line on Damascus.

        CNN on 12 November reported Obama administration is suddenly focused on removing Assad as the core of its anti-ISIS strategy, once again submitting to Turkey and Arab Gulf states that enabled ISIS to begin with, and are actually contributing very little to the anti-ISIS efforts to be dictating such orders to Washington.

        Moreover, these demands are harmful to US security interests—redefining US anti-ISIS mission to one of anti-Assad mission—and thereby potentially drawing in Eurasian powers of China, Russia and Iran into open military conflict against the US.

        Presently the Beijing-Moscow-Tehran axis is actually tacitly supporting the US-led coalition, and Assad is allowing US use of its airspace to strike ISIS and other Islamic extremist groups.

        Now, Ankara, Riyadh and Doha’s obsession on removing Assad and hoping to replace him with a proxy Islamist regime is throwing a monkey wrench into coalition efforts. With Islamist strongholds spanning from Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and Egypt, this risks turning the Eastern Mediterranean into an Islamic Lake, a threat shared by Israel as well as EU members Cyprus and Greece.

        This is also a threat to US’ Noble Energy, Italy’s ENI, Korea’s KOGAS, Russia’s Gazprom, and other stakeholders such as Jordan, Egypt, and Asian consumers interested in the newly discovered natural gas resources in the Eastern Mediterranean.

        As such, removing Assad for a probable Islamist replacement that will also persecute the Christian, Kurdish, Druze and Alawite communities in Syria; escalate the conflict by drawing in two nuclear powers of China and Russia; harm development of hydrocarbons in the Levantine Basin and further regional instability, is not in US or EU’s security interest.

        And it is definitely not in China’s interest.

        • Long article with maps: 2015/10/14
          Oil prices and the Syrian civil war
          …Qatar needed to get its Qatar-Turkey” pipeline through Syria, and Europe looked forward to linking up with the world’s largest gas producer because it was over-dependent on Russian supplies. Russia’s unstable president Vladimir Putin had previously cut off gas supplies to Europe in the dead of winter 2009 after a dispute with Ukraine over gas royalties.

          The Russian military has since invaded Ukraine and given Putin’s aggressive stance, Europe now urgently needs to find an alternate gas supply not controlled by Russia. This makes a middle-eastern pipeline coming through Syria a very attractive proposition.

          • 11/12/2013
            Crude Oil and the Syrian Conflict
            The story begins with Qatar. Well, Qatar has spent billions of dollars supporting the rebel factions in Syria. Not without reasons, though. True, instability props up the oil price, but more importantly Qatar has the world’s largest gas field (The South Pars/ North Dome field, shared with Iran) and is the largest exporter of Liquid Natural gas in the world.

            As a result of these facts, Qatar wanted to build an underground natural gas pipeline from the country’s North Field to Turkey, traversing Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria to Mediterranean and then to Europe.

            Turkey too was in favor of this ‘Islamic Pipeline’, as it would have made the country a key player in the transit, not to mention profits. However, the Assad regime wasn’t interested as the proposed pipeline would have negated Russia off the equation. Instead, in the year 2010, along with Iran and Iraq, Syria proposed to build a 3,450 mile pipeline costing $10 billion to transport oil to Europe directly from the South Pars gas field traversing Syria.

            This Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline, set to open in 2016 has an estimated capacity to pump 3.6 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day, which would benefit Iran, as you may have guessed. So, Iran’s gain left Qatar and Turkey licking their fingers. Bear in mind that we are talking in terms of billions of dollars in revenue. And, do not forget that Turkey and Qatar are allies of the US. Yes, more than a square, it’s a circle with all points leading back to the US.


    • Richard,
      . It is all very, very complicated and I am even not sure that my take on what started all of it is correct, although I think that it is close to the truth..
      It all started not with Obama and Hilary but
      a/ with Bush and Iraq,
      b/ with trying to get rid of Iranian influence in Syria and connected to it danger to Israel (f. ex Syria started to build atomic power station with materials they got from Iran and the Israel bombed that power station also Assad was middle man for money, training and weapons coming from Iran to Hezbolah)
      c/with trying to eradicate Russian influence in the Middle East (Assad was one of the biggest buyer of Russian weapons in the Middle East after Qaddafi. )
      d/with US support for pro-democracy movements, for “Arab Spring” in the Middle East
      Assad was not much better than Sadam Hussain. His mukhabarat was like all other security services in the Middle East very, very powerful,. They arrested, tortured and killed people. He kept to power by supporting Alawites, his tribe people, and partially by supporting Christians. However he was not a secular guy, he was not what we, in the West, mean by “secular country” . Syrian constitution stated “ The religion of the President of the Republic has to be Islam. Islamic jurisprudence is a main source of legislation. ” He was dictator. He also WAS an enemy of USA, he thought of himself as US enemy.
      He, or rather his father,invaded other countries. Assad senior army went to Lebanon as a pecekeeping force in 1976. And they STAYED there. They had large impact on Lebanon politics, they really controlled Lebaneese elections, they helped Hezbullah with arms and money from Iran, they also trained Hezbullah on Syrian territory and in Bekaa valey. They also made money out of Lebaneese, both legally and illegaly. The other thing was that with army staying in Lebanon some of the Syrian unemployment was reduced. But Lebaneese both Maronites and Sunni got more and more angry, they wanted to get Syrian army out of Lebanon. In the 2004 and 2005 there was a couple of assassinations of major Lebanese political figures . Finally, on February 2005 Syrians killed Rafik Hairi. Syrians were accusing Israel of murdering Rafik but no one believed them. And Lebanese started to demonstrate, thee were riots, there was so called Cedar Revolution. And Syrian army returned to Syria.
      However situation in Syria was not v. good economically, and there was no other political force but Muslim Brotherhood. That was so because Assad Senior and Assad Junior, their mukhabharat, their army, their police prevented any secular opposition to their rule. So there was only Islamist opposition. The opposition in mosques. And because Assad Junior was not as strong leader as his father, and because unemployment was getting worse, and because he wanted some help from the West he relaxed, just a little, his dictatorial rule. Some of changes he did were not liked by army generals, some were not liked by Islamists some were not liked by others. I even heard that some of the Alawites did not like his rule. And so the the people opposed to his rule – which I remind you, were mainly Islamists – grew in strength.
      IN 2011 in Tunesia started so called Arab Spring. And the protests also started in Syria, majority of the protests were connected to economy, some to politics, and some were in Hama. And Hama was and is stronghold of Muslim Brotherhood. There started to be rumours that Army is masacring people. Some army member deserted, they started to form an Army Units. Originally with help from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. And as far as I know the US and the other countries started “helping” later.
      And so it started.
      So really, irregardless of what many now saying, in Syria IS a civil war, ISIS is Islamic state, and Assad IS a dictator.

  2. You should absolutely translate

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