German leftists prove Darwin correct as they march to Aleppo

I am not clear if this story is that they plan to march 3000 Kms. around the Schengen zone, or if they are actually marching to p. But if they are marching to Aleppo, Germany would do very well to rid themselves of a few hundred leftists, hell bent to destroy classical Germany, and rob the working to give to the invader.

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13 Replies to “German leftists prove Darwin correct as they march to Aleppo”

  1. They actually doing the literal version of the population replacement. Muslims came up North, they going down. I hope they stay there.

  2. Goodbye delusional dumb asses. Please do not come back! Here´s a wake up call for all these do-gooder Hillary supporters:

    Hillary caused these wars, earned money from them and is involved with child trafficking of war orphans:

  3. Brain-box cavity empty – echoes echoing:
    gotta get a life…anything out there…?

    I can eat with chopsticks and Mom used to do yoga. Natural childbirth was an empowering experience for me. People are people, right? Civilians in Aleppo are just like me. So I know they’ll feel loved when they know I care. For sure.

    Look at me! Look at me!
    Are we there yet?

  4. This is what is known as “virtue signalling”. That girl has no idea what’s going on and has no intention of marching to Aleppo or being of any use to anyone. All she is concerned with is letting people know what a wonderful, caring, kind-hearted person she is and how much more she loves the planet than you do. Vapid bimbos like that are a great deal of what is wrong with the world today…

    • This is what is known as “virtue signalling”.

      In days of yore, this was known as “halo polishing”. I suppose that these PoMos can’t tolerate any religious references, ergo the change in vernacular.

  5. During the first five clicks they’ll be merrily singing “Imagine” and after another five clicks they’ll be desperatly looking for a train station and hop on the first heated train back home.
    These are wandering morons who don’t have a clue and are best to be ignored.

  6. While Muslims are making Christmas, a joyful occasions for Christians world wide, the UN-SC found time to condemn Israel’s policy of making homes for Israelis in Israel.

    What will it be like next Christmas? How many Christmas markets will be bombed next year? Will all Christmas markets be surrounded by concrete blocks, patrolled by soldiers with automatic weapons. Will the gates to Europe still be OPEN, because not allowing Jihadis to slit the throats of Christians, or run them over with a lorry, is an uncharitable act – a Hate act

    • First remember that some of those “settlements” were founded before Christ was born and have been occupied by Jews all of that time.

      Second what will next Christmas be like? If the civil wars haven’t started by next Christmas the attacks will be committed in a different manner but will be more common. After a few years the concrete barriers will come down at the truck attacks will return.

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