Turkish marriage, Berlin jihadi’s motives, Gen Ident lays it out VIDEOS

1, Turkish marriage manual tilts toward Islamic norms

2. Full titled video of Berlin Christmas Market jihadi:

3. Generation Ident make manifesto video:

Much more to come.

Thank you Oz-Rita, Ava Lon, Nash Montana, and all our translators who worked hard through the holidays for us all.

More coming as time and resources allow in the current environment!

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One Reply to “Turkish marriage, Berlin jihadi’s motives, Gen Ident lays it out VIDEOS”

  1. The first video shows what is coming to the entire world if we don’t stop the invaders, while/if there is still time for a semi peaceful solution vote for the politicians who stand the best chance of reversing the policies that have lead to this crisis. At this time we don’t know if there is still any possibility of a peaceful solution but we have to act as if one is possible continue to work for a political solution while preparing for the time when the mess goes kinetic.

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