We need your help please. (No money required)

Social media, whether it is Youtube, Twitter or Facebook, has a policy of “Grey balling” or Grey listing” an item that doesn’t fit the narrative.

This means that an item won’t necessarily be banned or barred, but will be suppressed from the usual mechanisms the site allows for an item to spread.

As a consequence, things that would typically go viral, but expose the left or islam’s true nature, do not go past the views of the people who directly subscribe to that channel or feed.

The team of people, of which I am a small part, produces a lot of amazing subtitled videos that would, if on a level playing field, often make millions of views. But typically the best ones seem to stick at around 5000 or so, around 3000 less than the number of actual subscribers the YT channel the videos are on, actually has.

The video below, on how Islam is taught in institutions in Germany, really needs to get out.

It has been up for a couple of days and only has 2800 views as of now.

If you agree that this video is instructive, please right click it for the video URL at Youtube and send it out everywhere you can think of. Social media, email, bits of paper in bottles in the Sea.

Lets bypass the information battle-space bullies on the left.


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  1. The Jihadis are not the problem. In fact, they are alerting us to the coming existential crisis. Muslim population growth is several times larger then European rates. In less then 50 years, Muslims will be a majority. And that’s that. Sharia, and the end of Western civilisation

    As the Muslim population increases, attacks will get more frequent, with “moderate“ Muslim demands that the state give more to the “marginalised” Muslim youth, or they will become even more radicalised. And so on. The more you give to the so-called moderates, the more our society will become Islamic. Moderate and radical Muslims play the good cop bad cop routine.

    As the late Laurence Auster wrote:

    Islam is a mortal threat to our civilization. But we cannot destroy Islam.

    · · Nor can we democratize Islam.

    · · Nor can we assimilate Islam.

    · · Therefore the only way to make ourselves safe from Islam is to separate ourselves


    There will no peace in the West unless there is a separation from Islam and muslims. Expect Christmas will be bombed each year, as that is what Muslims do – to ruin the festivals of other religions. Recall the bombing of the cathedral in Egypt a few days ago.

    • You know, I’ve never heard the “good cop, bad cop” analogy made about “moderate” Islam and “radical” Islam, and it’s perfect. That’s exactly what they are doing, and it’s no accident. I’ll bet somebody at that secret Islamic Jihad meeting at the Al Azhar Mosque even pointed that out, to the amusement of the other bearded bastards.

      First the bad cop murders 50 people at a gay bar in Orlando, then the good cop helps us get to our feet as we thank him for his assistance and agree to work with him to avoid future atrocities, apparently unaware that the good cop and the bad cop are both working for the same police-department-from-Hell. It’s kind of like when your wallet disappears and the junkie who stole it spares no effort to help you find it…

      Do Skippy Trudeau and his kind actually sit around fantasizing about the flames and the explosions and the sound of automatic gunfire and the raging mobs that will be the West’s soundtrack in the near future? Are they actually so insane that they dream of seeing us all dead? Are they so corrupt that they simply don’t care? I guess Skippy can always go to the condo in Monaco if things get too dicey in the country he’s trying to ruin…

  2. Ten years ago there was no mainstream media outlet that would say anything truthful about Islam at all. They were all terrified of the subject and couldn’t get past the religion of peace/only a tiny handful of fanatics/hijacking a peaceful religion stage. Now there is one: Fox News. Without Fox News all would be lost. Sean Hannity knows all the stuff we know and blasts it over the waves on a regular basis. Millions of people now know what “taqiyya” means and what “jihad” means and what the “Caliphate” means. It’s a slow process, but the mountain is slowly moving directly over Muhammad’s head.

    Those “angry white men” who Bill Clinton disparages so contemptuously have spoken at Brexit, have spoken at the US election, and will be speaking soon to our Muslim friends. You can disparage those white men all you want, but it wasn’t Hottentots who built the culture of Europe and the technology of modern times. It wasn’t Muslims either, or the Chinese, or the Indians, or the lovely people of Fiji…

    Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention something. Every single person on Trump’s new team knows all this Islam stuff cold and isn’t afraid to say it. Take heart in the adage that “It is always darkest before the dawn”. Radical Islam is about to get hit so f-ing hard it literally won’t know what happened. I predict that when it falls it will do so with surprising speed. We are on the edge of a new paradigm. And the average Muslim is probably getting rather tired of being reviled, hated, and feared by the entire non-Muslim population of the planet Earth. I also predict that many thousands of Jihadis are about to be marched to the scaffold and hanged when the radical Muslim spy gets out of the White House and the Muslim Brotherhood stops shaping US foreign policy…

    • Chris you are right Western Civilization is waking up and getting ready to move. Every time the West is threatened it takes a long time to wake people up to the threat and get the west to react, but once we are awake and fighting back the world ends up trembling at the sight of our fury and revenge for all that has been done. It will be the same this time but we will be hurt during the fight. I don’t think the situation will get bad enough that we will use nukes but that is possible, I do know but can’t prove that we will win. What I don’t know is if we will remain civilized or if we will be free but semi barbaric,

      Sent the URL to everyone I know that is computer literate.

  3. I’m not registered anywhere but here. I’m just a lurker elsewhere.
    GoV’s in the Blogroll at good sites – at Conservative Tree House or Gateway Pundit, for example – but not VladTepes.

  4. Hello Eeyore, Hello Team Vladtepes,

    You should have a look at what Melissa and Aaron Dikes are dealing with as far as censorship goes. It is pernicious and unrelenting.

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