Three attacks today, all muslim related, mainly BERLIN CHRISTMAS MARKET hit with Nice style truck attack

German police have confirmed that a terrorist attack took place at a Berlin Christmas market, where a Nice style attack took place, where a truck plowed into the crowd, killing nine so far and injuring many more.

CNN English:

FOX: It WAS an attack, MAYBE gunfire as well.


(There is nothing in what is said in the German videos worth translating, we are reliably informed by our amazing team at Clips for the Counter-Jihad)

Also there was an attack in Zurich at a Muslim centre, and of course, the shot that was heard across NATO, the Russian diplomat shot by an allah hu ackbar screaming Muslim.

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12 Replies to “Three attacks today, all muslim related, mainly BERLIN CHRISTMAS MARKET hit with Nice style truck attack”

  1. Well, as Microsoft, Amazon and Apple embrace Diversity, maybe the Coca Cola Truck can make a joint advert as well?

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  2. Some German newspapers are saying that the truck was Polish and the driver was a Pole.The truck was indeed Polish people on twitter already got info. The driver was a Pole m however he was killed. His wife got a last message from him at around 4 pm Polish time. They were going to unload some stuff in the dangerous area, (a lot of non-Germans there).
    The German media says that the police have one of the perpetrator, however they do not say the nationality of the person.

    At the moment there are 4 people dead and about 50 injured.

      • So what are you saying? He was a Pole proper? A Pakistani Pole? The Pole’s truck was hijacked? Why would a Pole do such a thing?

        • NO. The truck was from the Polish company. The company owner is the cousin of the(original) truck driver. The truck driver, a Pole, disappeared,and he is probably dead. **. The owner of the company said in the interview that he suspected the truck has been hijacked in Berlin.
          The perpetrator of the attack, the one the police have in their custody is a Pakistani.

          ** the Reuters said at first that the dead person found in the truck is a Polish driver but than they said that they made mistake.

          • add. The truck at #Breitscheidplatz has a Polish license plate. Steel supports are located on the loading area.
            There is a suspicion that this truck was stolen from a construction site in Poland. The investigations are running. #Breitscheidplatz

            The above are communicates from Berlin Police, but it contradicts what the owner of the truck company is saying. The owner of the company says the truck has been in Berlin. It was returning from Italy via Berlin to Poland. The driver , the cousin of the owner, was supposed to unload some stuff in Berlin, possibly in the area where majority of people are non-German. The driver disappeared and the family do not have contact with him from and they think he has been killed and the truck was hijacked.

              • Yucki The family hopes he is not dead, but I think it is just a hope.
                the polish media also have info from the people in the company regarding the movements of the truck in Berlin before the attack. The truck had GPS so they know it.
                The movements were as follows:
                The truck was parked in the suburbs of Berlin.
                At 3:44 pm someone started the truck, then for an hour nothing happened. At 16:52 the engine was restarted and worked until 17:37. During this period the truck did not move. Later there were a couple of attempts to start the truck. Finally at 19:34 the truck was started again and then went to Berlin.
                The employee of the transport company, Mr. Wasik, has been saying that this starting and restarting of the truck engine does not look like the driver wanted to warm himself. There are different systems employed to warm up the engine and the cab/driver’s cabin . This here looks like somebody tried to accustom himself with the truck. Also it seems that the person had the problem with starting the engine,said Lukasz Wasik, employee of the Polish truck company .

  3. Its Christmas time, they can’t have the infidels celebrating any kind of a religious holiday, this might give the infidels the idea that they are people as good as and having rights like the Moslems.

    It will be a while (if ever) before we find out if the attacks had anything besides Islam as a motive in common. Also if the propaganda media and the governments say they weren’t related who will believe them?

  4. Once more about that attack in Germany

    I always thought that Germany is famous for its order that is “ordnung” But what is going right now with police and the media in Germany could be called a MESS.

    The police right now said that the person who has been found dead IS the original Polish driver, that he probably opened the door for the killer , the he was overwhelmed without a fight and then someone had shoot him.
    On the other hand, the family says that the photos of the killed driver shown them by German police show a signs of a fight, they say the driver was a big guy and that one person could not easily overwhelm the driver.

    The police originally said that they have the terrorist in the custody, NOW they are saying that they do not have him, and that they already released the detained person.

    They were saying that there was only a one guy, now they are not sure.

    What is going on with the German police???

    • Police are under incredible pressure.
      Solve crime, protect and reassure the people – So they won’t go vigilante.
      Cover-up and lie outright about ‘sensitive issues’.
      Probably all going through a designated police-spokesperson. Who knows less at any given moment than a civilian with a smartphone.

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