Leftism and Islam, preparing for violence in Vancouver and more: links 1 on December 17 2016

1, New Microsoft commercial:

(Another good reason to go Apple)

2. Vancouver chapter of the fascist group, “ANTIFA” set to jackboot a Vancouver pub and disenfranchise the right to speak of any group they disagree with. Below, an enlarged version of their poster:




MRA stands for Men’s Rights Associations. The groups that if you actually listen to, you tend to join as the feminist filmmaker of The Red Pill discovered to her surprise.

3. Muslim group to SUE Germany over Quran ban after being accused of recruiting ISIS jihadist

THE HEAD of a German organisation has lashed out against a ban prohibiting members from distributing copies of the Quran after authorities accused it of recruiting jihadists to fight with Islamic State (ISIS).

True Religion group handing out QuransGETTY

True Religion was set up by preacher Ibrahim Abou Nagie in 2005

The group, which calls itself True Religion (DWR), began distributing free copies and translations of the Islamic religious book alongside the slogan ‘LIES’ in 2011, but have been active for as long as 11 years.

Set up by Palestinian-preacher Ibrahim Abou Nagie, the organisation advocates a return to the “true Islam” and members have been recorded publicly denouncing democracy as the enemy to Islamic values.

4. France: Islamic school closed down for teaching too much from the Koran.

Abdelfattah RahhaouiGETTY

Al-Badr primary school’s headteacher Abdelfattah Rahhaoui

The school’s headteacher, Abdelfattah Rahhaoui, has also been handed a four-month suspended jail sentence banning from from teaching at any school or educational setting again.

Al-Badr primary school, which is located in Toulouse, southwest France, first opened its doors in September 2013. Since then, more than 100 Muslims had enrolled their children – aged two to 12 – at the controversial school.

5. Germany takes more muslim migrants than all countries combined.

(The punch line of this video is taken from an old joke, and one everybody in Germany is familiar with. The joke goes that a guy is on the highway listening to his radio, when he hears a traffic reporter explaining that some idiot is on the highway going the wrong way. {In Germany, this is called a Ghost Driver.} The man responds by yelling out the window, “It isn’t me that is going the wrong way! ITS EVERYBODY ELSE!”)

6. Eurosceptics take lead in Italian polls.

The eurosceptic Five Star Movement (M5S) edged ahead of the socialist Democratic Party (PD) in one of the latest surveys released since the former prime minister was forced to quit following his referendum defeat.

In a result which will send shockwaves through Brussels the anti-establishment party scored between 29 per cent and 31 per cent of the vote in three bombshell polls released today.


(The far left wing extremists of the European Union and their Islamic allies will not take this well. Expect to see more chicanery with the Italian elections than even with the Austrian and Brexit etc. Remember, it was lying to pollsters by regular folk who knew if they told the truth things would go badly, that allowed Trump and Brexit to happen.)

Thank you GQC., M., Tama, Wrath of Khan, Ava Lon, Richard, NorseRadish, Johnny U., and many more who contributed in the Reader’s Links post today as well as general comments and other contributions.

More to come when translations come in.


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12 Replies to “Leftism and Islam, preparing for violence in Vancouver and more: links 1 on December 17 2016”

  1. The far left wing extremists of the European Union and their Islamic allies will not take this well. Expect to see more chicanery with the Italian elections than even with the Austrian and Brexit etc.

    This is a massive understatement, the alt left will resort to actions that that will prove that they are the true fascists. When voting more then once and counting the ballots multiple times don’t restore them to power they will resort to first the propaganda campaign like they are using against Donald Trump and when that fails they will turn ot violence.

    • 2 – This poster shows how close the left is to putting Brown Shirt Storm troopers on the streets, they are losing control of all of the nations they thought they had firmly under their thumbs and in their panic will resort to violence when they realize that there is no hope of regaining control through the ballot box. The deciding factor in the civil wars will be whose side the police and military support, will they support the leftists or will they support the people in their quest for regaining their freedom?

  2. Microsoft is feeding the Blue Pill narrative… That video is sad.

    My comment on the Microsoft “feel good” video:

    Proud Infidel1 second ago
    Are you FUCKING kidding me!?? Incorporate the demised World Trade Center tower # 1 in this video? Islamic jihadists brought it down, killed over 3,000 people. And you have the AUDACITY to feature Moslems in this video? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, MICROSOFT?????!!!!!

      • Even when they are supposedly trying to say they are peaceful the Moslems can’t resist rubbing the adults noses in the violence the Moslems have committed. The kids (the people the video is aimed at) for the most part won’t recognize the twin towers and will not understand the insult.

    • Passive-aggression. You don’t want trouble.
      “Youwill lose the Twin Towers again, if you don’t receive the calls to submission.”
      Microsoft. Diversity is Greater. White Guilt.

      Apple takes this Picture of Dorian Gray, the citizens of thr West as they really are, and deploys theit Microsoft Patchwork Frankenstein, who could never be admitted before China, Russia, Islam, and so raids Christian Events, (singing songs about Jesus who words no one will hear hear), with a pitty-party that demands everyone else join. Collectivism. White Guilt.

      Stabbed in the front or stabbed in the back.

      Edward Bernays would be proud: Dhimmitude sells.

  3. 1, New Microsoft commercial:

    Can’t you just see a perfect little white girl with her perfect educated well-to-do parents looking at that ad and knowing beyond any doubt whatsoever that Muslims are always innocent victims of stupid bigoted white male Republican deplorables, and that bringing them into the country by the millions is simply the right thing to do? And can’t you just see that perfect little white girl going to university with her perfect grade average and coming out the other side with her mind set in concrete – unreachable by common sense, information, or logic. A perfect little Democrat human rights lawyer is born. Let the protests and the unquenchable hatred begin…

  4. 5) You know, I have been living in Germany 27 years and never heard that joke. The whole “Ghost Driver” phenomenon is disturbing once you realise why it is really happening -and it happens a lot.

    It make the joke all the more poignant, because it is used as a form of suicide. According to statistics, there are over 350 accident caused, 2400-2700 warnings and 20 deaths per year in Germany caused by wrong way driving.

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