Muslims find the term, “integration” offensive, and lots more: links 1 on December 13 2016

1, Muslim activist group JUMA, in Germany states plainly that integration is not going to happen.

2. How far up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs do you have to be, to hold a funeral for a frozen turkey:

(This looks like it was at a Whole Foods though. They pretty much beg for this kinda thing. I dare them to try that at a COSTCO.)

3. Italian priest nixes Nativity scene to avoid offending Muslims

(But if we even asked to nix any horrific muslim activity, even if in fact it was indisputably illegal, we would be busted for “racism”.)

An Italian priest has decided to break with tradition and not set up a Nativity scene in his town’s cemetery this Christmas — in order to avoid offending Muslims, Milan’s Corriere della Sera reported on Friday.

Father Sante Braggie, chaplain of the Municipal Cemetery of Cremona and curate of the local parish in Northern Italy, said the display was typically set up within eyesight of a “small corner of the cemetery” that was “reserved for Muslim graves.”

(So the priest didn’t want to offend the dead muslims by erecting a traditional Christmas display. But then lets look at some video of what Muslims did the other day in Virginia USA:)

(Pretty sure there are a few laws ranging from municipal to federal being mowed down right here)

4. Watch this video of how the CBC actually mischaracterizes a conservative who is against the absurd and destructive “carbon taxes” of the province of Alberta. In fact, given that the speaker is German, and this is an attempt to impute his motives, it would be quite fair to say that it is the CBC who are the Nazis.

(Really. We need to stop all funding to the CBC)

5. A German goes to live in the Islamic State, and comes back.

(At around 3:00 the BBC shill begins to ventriloquist his subject on the nature of Islam, and  you can hear the mark play his role to a T. Utterly following the lead about how the Islamic State is not really Islamic. This interview, and about ten thousand similar items, puts the BBC squarely in the camp of Fake News.

Just for the record, here is a video made a couple of months after the creation of the Islamic State showing the facts of it, and its Islamic roots.

6. The film maker who did the exceptional and important film, UN Me, got attacked while, and for, filming in Malmo where sharia rules and the infidel better obey.

Trailer for UN Me below. Everyone needs to see that film.

7. Actual explosion at Coptic cathedral in Egypt:

8. The governor guilty of not being muslim, has been arrested for blasphemy for challenging the notion that a non-muslim may be in a position of authority over muslims. As koran is clear on this, it was an blaspheme. And Canada is importing this bulls*t as fast as we can.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, NorseRadish, Richard, Kathy, Tania G., Xanthippa and so many more! 

More to come later tonight.

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  1. Muslims find the term, “integration” offensive

    Not nearly as offensive when compared to how many Westerners view the almost unanimous refusal by Muslims to integrate in their adopted countries. And I don’t give a hot effing damn if Erdogan himself declared assimilation to be a, “crime against humanity“. So, what’s the upshot?

    Here’s a clue: Guess who has more nukes, more aircraft carriers, more high explosives, more cruise missiles, more combat-trained soldiers, and more to lose? Hint: It ain’t Islam.

    Islam’s potential for an extremely negative outcome far exceeds that of the West. As in, much of this whole jihadist problem could be resolved in a day.

    Go ahead Muslims, keep on with your interminable whinging about how “offensive” the idea of integration is to you. Then be prepared to see some serious dis-integration happen. Most likely, coming down around the region of your flipping head and shoulders. Pauvre petite.

      • If they aren’t going to integrate then they should get the F out of town.

        That’s what the Muslims keep saying about us. European Jews are taking their advice in droves. Maybe it’s time to make sure Western towns are Islam-unfriendly.

        How about; no halal food served in schools, prisons, or the armed forces? How about no foot-washing facilities or prayer rooms (even Christian ones) in any government buildings, airports, universities, or commercial facilities? How about no amplified broadcasting of the adhan, or any other call to prayer. How about no burqas or veils?

        You get the picture.

        • re. Muslims in Germany don’t like the word integrate –
          Curious how the poster behind her displays the logos CDU/CSU, Christian Democratic Union – Merkel’s party

          • Great catch, Richard!!! This is why Merkel’s acclaimed reinstallment represents such a total DISASTER for Germany. The notion that integration should be considered unworthy is a direct indicator of how tolerant these anti-European cannibals are with regard to being overrun by terrorist Islamic parasites.

            May this holiday season see your soul blessed with goodness and joy.


              • And may yours be the same.

                Fat chance with that s**t.. I was born and reside in the very heart of America’s “West Left Coast”. Goodness and joy (at least when expressed towards moderately Conservative folk like me) are utterly foreign concepts save for a very few, rarely met, people.

                All the same, thank you anyway. You’re a good soul.

          • Please accept my apology, Egri Nök.You made this very important point and deserve appropriate credit. This anti-integration Muslima TERRORIST is, indeed, parading (with full permission) before the CDU/CSU banner and that is something which all good Germans should remember when it comes time to take up the pitchforks and torches (if not a helluva lot sooner).

            Again, thank you.

    • So to follow our conversation NorseRadish, “As I wouldn’t link “Milo” to “Red Meat”

      The soul cannot be integrated with what has no of spirit.

      Islam has no truth. Socialism has no kindness. Sexsquirrels have no love. They beat each up to pretend to have more than the other. They are demonstrative in their superiority. Bunch of loosers and phoneys sucking off, and not giving to, life. Paracites.

  2. Does anyone need more evidence that a strict vegan diet causes shrinkage of the brain and loss of IQ points?

    Actually, there have been studies that point towards early onset of dementia and other deleterious brain-related issues which correlate with veganism. Vitamin B12 is critical for healthy neural activity. See: <a href="
    “>Vitamin B12 – A rare deficiency unless you’re vegantext.

    Too bad this doesn’t explain Ted Kennedy’s tragically delayed death due to brain cancer. Old joke: William Kennedy Smith’s reply to his date’s rejection of sex…

    “You’d better spread your legs or I’ll let my uncle drive you home!”

    • There are studies from India that show actual shrinkage of the brain and the loss of about 10 IQ points after a struct vegan diet, I don’t remember how long it took and really don’t care enough to look it up.

        • It is not a question of not eating meat, but no longer eating commercial-raised animals.

          That is a distinction WITH a difference, and NOT one that is in dispute at this time. As a professional chef and food writer with millions of online views, I take this matter quite seriously and hope that people on both sides of the dietary fence will maintain a sufficient degree of decorum.

          • To each, its own.
            I know somebody who worked on a farm that raised calves (aka veal). He eats all meat except veal. Will not touch it due to extreme inhumane conditions.

    • Mymom has been a strict veggie for the past twenty years. She is now 92 years old. In great physical shape and mental also for her age. At times, she amazes me and her doctor also.
      I am not into strict veggie but definitely against all form of commercial industrial animal housing.

      • My mom has been a strict veggie for the past twenty years.

        You do not specify regarding “veggie”, which can mean almost anything, versus “vegan” that prohibits even HONEY because it is produced by (albeit insectoid) creatures.

        If your mother (may she live a long time) has been eating even just eggs or Mayonnaise, then her diet has had a rich source of vitamin B12.

        Veganism is the only issue being disputed in this (branch of) discussion and it is a disservice to wisdom to divert attention away from this (erstwhile) central point.

        I am not into strict veggie but definitely against all form of commercial industrial animal housing.

        Again, you are now disputing with regard to CAFO (Concentrated Animal Farming Operations) versus free-range or other respective methods. Please be sure to couch your points within a clearly defined context. Far too many of these food-related disagreements arise from such poorly differentiated statements.

        Thank you,

        Chef NorseRadish

        • My mom: The occasional fish is all she will eat, and it is not often.
          She didn’t know about ‘veggie’ or ‘vegan’…. she just stopped eating red meat very suddenly and gradually chicken. Honey was never a part of her diet. She doesn’t eat eggs either. Like all elderly people, they love vegetable soups.

          Me, after seeing and understanding Halal and its certification process, I stopped in November 2009. Very suddenly. It was not difficult. Advantage: no more teeth flossing either.

          But that red blood running in your plate haunts you. This is where I discovered hunt meat (friends that are hunters) and free-range wild meat. They sell it at IGA. Expensive but great tasting. I had been four years without meat before my first tasting of wild and/or hunt meat.

          The Canadian Government, under Harper, implemented strict rules for veggie products: they have to list all the added vitamins on the package nutritional label and there is a minimum requirement.

          I highly suggest the P.C. Portobello and Cheese burger and the Quinoa balls. Really tasty stuff, just loaded in vitamins.

          SORRY about diverging.

          P.S. My I.Q. was tested three years ago. A highly professional test recommended by high-level corporate executives. I was so surprised that I went to bed all excited. Result: 135. All my life, I was in the 130+.


          • But that red blood running in your plate haunts you.

            Except that it isn’t blood. Slaughtered animals are immediately bled out. The liquid you are referring to is a combination of water, sarcoplasm and trace amounts of myoglobin. Trust me, you would not want to eat an animal that had not been bled. Especially after several days.

            SORRY about diverging.

            No apology needed. I appreciate your willingness to engage.

  3. The Turkey Whole Foods or whatever: I agree with them.
    I no longer buy any commercial meat except wild meats from Alberta (wapiti, bison) and hunt meat. Canada Goose is great if marinated 24 hours.
    It is unacceptable the conditions in which these animals are raised from birth to slaughter, for our dietary needs or for our clothing needs.
    They had a quality of life, raised either in fields or in the wild. The kill is quick. No hormones or antibiotic-loaded.
    My eggs are free-run and laid in a nest.
    President Choice has the most extraordinary range of veggie frozen foods to die for. You would never believe it is not meat. Loaded in vitamins listed on nutritional chart.
    End of my rant on commercial-raised animals.

  4. Dear perfectchild, please allow me to add a few spelling or grammatical edits in what follows:

    The soul cannot be integrated with what has no spirit.

    To me, the soul and spirit are the same. Ergo, how is it possible to think that, “the soul [can] be integrated with what has no spirit.” C’est impossible! At best, that is the work of Satan.

    Islam has no truth. Socialism has no kindness. Sexsquirrels have no love. They beat each [other] up to pretend [that they] have more than the other. They are demonstrative in their superiority. Bunch of losers and phoneys sucking off, and not giving to life. Parasites.

    We differ very little in opinion. I refuse to condemn homosexuals to Islam’s (or Christianity’s) hell but, nonetheless, cannot embrace their inability to procreate or make meaningful contributions to the furthering of Western civilization’s family. Did gay-boy Oscar Wilde pen useless stories? Not at all! Yet, today, where are his progeny? NOWHERE!

    I hope that this clears up our mutual understanding. As I have said, those who chose to reside in a genetic box canyon will have little chance to influence the overall course of civilization. At the same time, they do not deserve to DIE for such stupidity or individual choice (so long as they do not attempt to infect children with their sexual nonsense).

    While I will NEVER agree with such a (non-reproductive) way of life—personally, I have a hypothalamus the size of Nebraska—nonetheless, Western civilization does need not to senselessly murder these genetic mules in the way that an idiotic and fragile, lunatic, ideology like Islam thinks must be the case.

    With this said, I wish you a very merry celebration of Christ’s earthly arrival.


    PS: “Sexsquirrels” = KEEPER!!!

    • I was epileptic Grand Mal for twenty years. From age 5 to 28. Between 18 and 28, more frequent convulsions. It tapered off afterward with the years.
      I know about separation of body and spirit. I went through it regularly.
      I can assure you the spirit has no soul. It is very neutral. Weird but true.
      You are up there, looking down, with no emotion.

      • Epilepsy is a faulty spasmodic interruption between the two brain hemispheres, and one final cure of the symptom is to cut the corpus callosum.

        You are correct, the spirit has no soul.

        “(114) Simon Peter said to them, “Mary should leave us, for females are not worthy of life.” Jesus said, “See, I am going to attract her to make her male so that she too might become a living spirit that resembles you males. For every female (element) that makes itself male will enter the kingdom of heaven.””

        And likewise the the soul has no spirit.
        (The Law is but a clang and a clong you Islamofascists).

        But the narrow way, to see with both brains to coordinate with the other, as is with forgiving both parents so that their voices may be heard individually and distinctly in tasks remembered, then the brain subconscience relaxes, and fight, flight, freeze or faint are at least not the basis of the problem as a verbal stutter may be.

        • I has a massive right brain stroke two years ago, and at that time I had no spirit. Just a soul with one direction to go.

          And in my ward I had people with no souls but gentle spirits because their left brains were gone, and I would reassure them to the time, as I still knew past and future. But I didn’t know how to read emotions.

        • In my case, it was constant electricity overload. The brain didn’t release it like normal people.
          Signals of an impending knockout: walking five feet in front of a T.V. and the channels would change. Back and forth, channels switching on their own.
          As I got older, warning of an attack went from 5 seconds to 60 seconds, thus giving me time to lie down and avoid the blackout. Takes about two hours for electricity to evacuate and you feel it from the base of the neck, going through the skull and then the limbs.
          Weird stuff.

        • Epilepsy is a faulty spasmodic interruption between the two brain hemispheres, and one final cure of the symptom is to cut the corpus callosum.

          Perchance, have you read, “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind”, by Julian Jaynes? His review of work done with corpus callosotomy recipients is nothing short of revelatory.

          Please know that Sassy and yourself are providing some wonderfully rich ingredients for this stew of ideas and I fully intend to address them tomorrow (as time permits).

          Due to early morning appointments and it being well past midnight, I must wrench myself away from this discussion. All the same, please know how delighted I am with such sincere, intelligent repartee.

          It is my contention that dialogues of this sort sharpen our collective wits, more strongly unify our ability to obliterate Islam defeat jihad, and provide the Vlad Tepes Blog with high-level content that appropriately rewards Eeyore’s Herculean labors. So there!

          • Heminicity: When individually asked,
            ‘The left brain does not believe in God. The right brain does.’

            So what is going on? We can discuss.

            God the Creator is the Alpha and Omega, and the left brain can do all this too. If fact all the Gods are so strikingly familar that we should think of them as almost human – If we had a brain to realize our legs were being pulled.

            The right brain whose job is to spot danger, relies on this left brain ‘God’ to reset it and redirect anew.

            So what happen when a Muhammad dictates where to look and so mentally castrates Muslims to call him “yes boss”? Their right brain now dominates in their heaxs and suddenly Allah and Shatan appears instead of themselves. Good and Evil, Halal and Haram. But, of course women are generally much better right-brained than men and can see they’re all dhimmis to one God. They have thousands and can change their whim on a dime. So it’s a jealous put-down of all women, told to shut up or be tapped very hard .in a pseudo macho way.

            Now, what if the left brain is totally unused, undeveloped and therefore reused? What if a subject never grew up with a left brain to know “I” to unknow the concept of “I Am”? This silence would mean a latching on to a Socialist Collective with a Dear Leader for their best designation and determinism. It would not be ‘I am an individual’ but “we are identified” and call themselves by what others had seen in them, as such as “Light breeze running horse” and give them a special unique mantra from a venerated master who knows – for everyone must find and seek out their guru – to make it ahead in life and match the stars. They are imprinted by their form and by its connection with the earth, and if they cause great offence they will kill themselves with the shame of harming the whole. There is no connection to a oneness called God because there is no concept of soul. They are full of Chi, the energy that flows within and they sense hot and cold, dry and wet and their balance is the tension between the two.

            So the Slave of Allah and the Flow of the Tao are mono brains. Neither is real because they are both projections of ours. Maybe starvation and harsh environments have produced nations of asymetric brains due to survival with limited resources of nutrients?

            The scriptures are scripts of a play. The Actors are not real and their souls don’t last forever. And no one turns into another lifeform, their spirit does not last forever.

            The mind interrupts the other from its dream-hypnosis so others cannot impose it you. To realize yourself out.

            So different brain wiring in the human animal is susceptable to techniques of different programming..

            And what if a right brain is lacking? They say, “Well, quite frankly mam, I don’t give a damn,” and go and build a space rocket while all around them are complaints that they are on the autistic spectrum. German inferiority and guilt that will once agajn turn into rage, to wake up that they as a race, were again tricked.

            A short walk and a lot of ground covered. Not all brains are equal. We can say that again.

      • I can assure you the spirit has no soul.

        With all due respect, my spirit has a rather delightful soul and I like it that way. Let’s please forego any semantic quarreling. We agree far too much to let these less pertinent metaphysical matters interfere.

    • NorseRadish,

      You are very kind to keep up this debate and go a little deeper.

      The soul has a masculine quality and spirit has a feminine nature, because the first can be considered insightful and the other intuitive, and as these qualities developed in the genders as teamwork and survival on limited resources. The best hunters came back with game, as the best gathers found food ripened in season.

      Islam cannot survive the scruitiny of intuition in the form of seeing that five prayers are far, far to little for a person who lives by every word of God; as Socialism cannot abide insight for seeing that fairness and equality cannot ever exist. So one subordinates women and the other silences men.

      Now, parents can teach their children to develop both sides of their brains, but cultures ruled by pyramid-heirarchies need only one brain functioning within their followers. Muhammad subdued the male into copycat beta-males and removed women of their creativity; while Stalin subdued the females into group-thinkers and removed men of their individuality. These altered hypnotized states of people who can then be told to kiss or kill the baby, without feeling any guilt of conscience.

      So, the same way the Greeks taught the Jews to be like the character of Jesus bourne from a trip to the gangees, Muslims also can be brought out of their stasis of fear to hold two completely opposite thoughts in their heads: ‘Love God with all your heart mind and soul and love your neighbor as yourself.’ If you do, God has become so huge in return loving you that you no longer have to bother him again; and that a total respect for all life means not to be seeking to draw life off from them ever again, like a sodomite. Cured. With repentance, apology and tears of responsibility beforehand to enable the relinguishing of any emotional emptiness, trauma, bitterness or unforgiveness. To have their yoke broken so that they will laugh – the sign – there’s a glass half full.

      Just simply stop playing God or a Prophet.

      So my argument is, and I can bear reference to, the release of Muslims, Socialists and Sexsquirrels.

      It is for us to exercise our common sense of recognizing those with an unwanted fixation and wish to be reborn as they once were; and those who have submitted to it and have become another creation, Born Again, as someone with a new identity. The latter wanting to change the world to fit them and those they seduce and corrupt.

    • “At best, that is the work of Satan.”

      My second point is Prophet Zoroaster’s idea of a “Cosmic dualism refers to the ongoing battle between Good (Ahura Mazda) and Evil (Angra Mainyu) within the universe. It is important to understand that Angra Mainyu is not God’s equal opposite, rather that Angra Mainyu is the destructive energy that opposes God’s creative energy. This creative energy is called Spenta Mainyu”

      “Moral dualism refers to the opposition of good and evil in the mind of mankind. God’s gift to man was free will; therefore man has the choice to follow the path of Evil (druj – deceit) or the path of Righteousness (asha – truth). The path of Evil leads to misery and ultimately Hell. The path of Righteousness leads to peace and everlasting happiness in Heaven”

      The original Prophet that the Jews, Christians and Muhammadans neglected as their source and inspiration.

      “In Jewish thought, the idea that there exists anything capable of setting itself up as God’s opponent would be considered overly polytheistic—you are setting up the devil to be a god or demigod.”
      For Catholics and Muslims demons and jinns are very real. And didn’t Jesus have the power to cast demons into swine?

      “Tao is beyond good and evil. Philosophically, whatever is, is exactly the way it is supposed to be as a result of cause and effect, birth, decay and death, cycles and reversion.

      Evil is a construct of man. We place our moral judgement on events and say that such and such is either good, evil, or it doesn’t matter.

      Pain is a physical thing. All living beings experience pain of one form or another. Just part of life.

      Suffering is psychological. Even though we might be in pain we need not necessarily be suffering because of it.

      Evil exist only because man has stated that certain things are evil. If one of these things that has been classified as evil has been enacted the evil has been done.

      From the point of view of Tao, creation is the same as destruction, birth is the same as death, just changes in the dynamics of Tao.” (I’ve run out of alloted hyperlinks to source).

      And all I know is disturbed people have disturbed thoughts. And the truth about describing other people and things as good and evil tarnishes them with guilt and anger. As they judge, so they themselves are judged.

      (2) Jesus said, “Let one who seeks not stop seeking until that person finds; and upon finding, the person will be disturbed; and being disturbed, will be astounded; and will reign over the entirety.”
      Gospel of Thomas.

      We are all fighting ourselves out of a paper bag. The realization of truth, not the belief or good works, will set us free. The Klingon-Muslims are in a mind prisons like our mammilian-Socialists and gonad-controlled collectivists. Very dangerous and violent people if they feel their promised safety blankets are being removed. Be gentle as a dove and wise as a serpent. And for anyone who should corrupt a child into these cults, it is better a millstone be hung around their neck and thrown into the sea.

      For the many writers of the time, Jesus epitimized the qualities of a sane human being and embodied the great deeds of those who came before. No matter how we arrive, the Hellenist Jews had laid out a blueprint of repentence and salvation from their mindlock as the Buddha was to set free the Hindus.
      Sadly, unscupulous elites made them both into religions and rites and hid their truths in plain sight through idolotry of The Perfect One. We are all human.

      “At best, that is the work of Satan.”?

      Can Muslims not honestly say their Shatan is Greater?

      • Therefore, we have their Achile’s Heel, of the monomind.

        The transfixed upon Allah, of Halal and Haram while Muhammad breaks every moral code known to mankind.

        Or the oversensitised upon the State, of Political Correctness and Diversity, while Party Officials can corrupt everything they touch.

        Or the New Hedonists, of Approval and Outrage that the most devient by birthright are the chosed elite.

        If we can teach them to think with their whole mind, as Vlad has offered us to do to report on their every deeds of vanity running from inferiority; then we shall not just save them from themselves, but us to remain rational and not lose.

        (If anyone would like to deconstruct each verse of the Gospel of Thomas with me, we can start a thread.
        I would enjoy to express the duality of mind in it. 🙂

  5. Egypt, Indonesia…. they are everywhere.
    And now, we can’t talk about it because they might become violent.
    Something very bad happening and it is not us.

  6. The U.N. trailer: I have been saying it for a long time. Mid-East Christians are the victims of Stockholm syndrome. They are not more our friends than the Muslims.
    I know Armenian and Palestinian Christians.

    • ‘Mid-East Christians are the victims of Stockholm syndrome. They are no more our friends than the Muslims.
      I know Armenian and Palestinian Christians.’

      And this is true. Their corrupt idiology of the Golden Calf had allowed the wolves to sit with the lambs and control them in return for a secret judgement that they, the True Christians, will be the ones going to sit at the table in Heaven, and when Jesus Returns He will smite those Muslims into Hell. They are the more evil, the paralysed lest they be judged, as soulless Communism is to moribund Fascism.

      They had over a thousand years to have had a Gates of Vienna to herald.

      And the same when the Berlin Wall was released, suddenly thousands of Merkels flooded with a dhimmi mind and a reliance on Big Government, to infected the West.

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