Italian under-ground mosques, Migrants as WMDs, another top 5 and more: Links 2 on Dec. 2 2016

1, December 2 top Five at the Rebel:

(This is a hell of a list)

2. Migrant says he has ‘sexual compulsion’ after group sexually assault teen girls at party

MIGRANTS sexually assaulted a group of 18-year-old girls and tried to drag one screaming teenager into an empty room against her will.

A Syrian student also “aggressively fondled” a young victim and relentlessly tried to kiss her despite her physically fighting him and begging him to stop.

Police in Munich, Germany, arrested the Middle Eastern man, who later claimed he had a “sexual compulsion”.

The annual party is specifically for 18-year-olds, many of whom were badly shaken by events.

According to one teenage girl, several people aggressively danced with three girls, and did not let them remove themselves from trouble by simply turning away and clearly saying “no”.

Later five young men were allegedly loitering in front of an empty room and approached young ladies to enter the room with them.

Despite getting “no” for an answer, two of the men grabbed one of the girls and tried to violently drag her in the room.

(I guess the government of Germany has to pump more money into courses on how to seduce German women)

3. Donald Trump ASSASSINATION fears: ISIS threatens to kill President-elect in chilling video.

(Actually the headline is really all there is to that article)

4. Analysts predict a le Pen win because she is a socialist while Fillon seems to be a classical liberal.

5. Back to the election, since like the election of G.W. Bush, the left is determined to make the presidency of a Republican as difficult and besmirched as possible.

It appears that the difference with the recount, is one vote more for Hillary.

It also is interesting that she isn’t arranging any recounts anywhere that Hillary won. So clearly the agenda has nothing to do with what she said above.
6. Here are two videos, which are also part of the Rebel top 5 in item 1.First, a fascinating look at a literally underground mosque in Italy.

In Muslim countries you will find underground Churches and Buddhist temples perhaps. But this is because Islam will kill the members and destroy the structures for practicing a religion other than Islam, or more accurately, being involved in anything that challenges the perfect supremacy of Islam.

But in the case of Islam in liberal countries, you see hidden mosques because they are beachheads from which, supremacy is established.

And below, a Bulgarian doctor and military man discuss the possibility of muslim migrants as vectors for weaponized diseases.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Xanthippa, fousesquawk, CrossWare, Ava Lon, Tanya T., and so many who diligently and vigilantly find important stories, often translate them to English, and post them here.

The work of the Counter-jihad has changed recently, only in that there is some hope that it may turn around a lot faster than nearly all of us had imagined it would. So this means its time to double our efforts.

After all, if its working, then the satisfaction per hour of effort is double what it was before, right? So the cost benefit of doing more is actually an economic win!





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  1. Weaponized diseases are a long term nightmare of mine, they are much easier to make then nukes and in the long run will cause more deaths.

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