Pregnant Christian couple murdered by kiln baking by classic muslim mob in Pakistan: Links post 1 on November 24 2016

1, Geert Wilders gives closing statement on his political show trial which he boycotted.

The complete transcript of this video is here at Gates of

2. Hannity is mostly on the money in this clip about Trump and his future relationship with the media, but he is wrong in thinking that it can be repaired. In fact, the system itself is corrupt. Even if the media swings around and is supportive of President Trump the way they fawned over Obama and Clinton it is still a disservice to the US public. A proper objective and honest media needs to form or rather, has formed, and politicians can represent themselves to the public through the Internet.

The legacy media must end.

3. Here is an excellent example of what is not a hate crime in the USA.

4. How screwed is Canada.

5. Dalai Lama is led by reporter to condemn trump, doesn’t take bait.

6. European Union at war with Russia?

RT- ‘We are at war with Russia’: EU Parliament approves resolution to counter Russian media ‘propaganda.

MEPs in Strasbourg have voted on a non-legislative resolution which calls for the EU to “respond to information warfare by Russia.” RT and Sputnik news agency have been named among the most dangerous “tools of Russian propaganda.”

7. Five Pakistani Muslims who burned a Christian couple to death in a kiln after falsely accusing them of setting fire to a Koran are sentenced to death.

Five people have been sentenced to death in Pakistan today for killing a Christian couple who were lynched and burned in a kiln by a Muslim mob after being falsely accused of blasphemy.

The illiterate couple had been falsely accused of tossing out pages of the Koran along with the rubbish, desecrating the Muslim holy book.

The deaths of Shahzad Masih and his pregnant wife Shama Bibi caused outrage in Pakistan and saw other Christian families living near their home in Punjab to flee the area in fear.

Shahzad’s father, a faith healer who used pages with inscriptions in many languages for his work, had died shortly before the incident. The couple burning some of his documents, which led to the misunderstanding.

(The “falsely” part should be parenthetical. The fact that an angry mob murdered a pregnant couple because of blasphemy, real or imagined, is the story. With continued acceptance of the barbaric norms of Islam, it suddenly becomes important that the accusation was false. Not to the couple of course because they are dead. Killed because in sharia, the impetus is on the individual muslim to act in defence of the honour of the dead Mohammad and his sock puppet “Allah”.

8. This clip about huge increases in migrant crossings into Italy and Greece says that migrant break ins to Bulgaria have stopped. I think Bulgarians would beg to differ.

9. Bulgaria within the past 24 hours:

The above clip puts the term: “Rock band” in a much more historical light.

The weather today at the Bulgarian border is stony with precipitation ranging from handfuls of gravel to large stones, sometimes approaching boulders.

Caution is advised when driving or standing in proximity of anyone who looks like they might think Mohammad was someone to imitate,

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Wrath of Khan, Kathy, Tanya T. GF and many many more.

The track record of the contributors and thinkers of this site is now measurable as we have been online for something like 8 years or a little more. And frankly the only surprise to most of us is that it looks like there will be, at least initially, a political solution for many of the major countries. 2017 will tell. But in terms of the view of Islam and the left, its now obvious to all who take a real but even cursory look that what appeared to be rantings of madmen to the outsider in 2008 is rapidly becoming orthodoxy today.

All of this to say, many of you who have stuck by this site as readers and news gatherers and analysts have a lot to be proud of. We have pretty consistently nailed it for a long time, And there are moments where I know for a fact we have had real influence on events, but I cannot say yet what those were, and other times I have a suspicion that we have.

So no matter what happens in the future, we cannot say this was an exercise in futility.

And now, the real work begins.

Later today we hope to present a short clip by one of the 20th century’s legendary political figures in our estimation. Vaclav Klaus. Who has always simply and without vitriol explained the facts on the ground no matter how the culture was programmed to receive them.

Those interested in his track record need look no farther than book which should have been changing places world wide, Blue Planet in Green Shackles, which blows apart the anthropogenic global warming myths and has been published some years ago now.



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20 Replies to “Pregnant Christian couple murdered by kiln baking by classic muslim mob in Pakistan: Links post 1 on November 24 2016”

  1. Tension in the camp has escalated. Migrants have set fire again, and have built a barricade with the garbage containers. Shouts, chanting and braking of windows can be heard.
    40 of the most aggressive migrants have been detained. The police have used water cannons and rubber bullets. At least 4(possibly 6) policemen have been injured, one seriously.
    BTW, the migrant “protesters” today were nearly 2000.

    • The police have supreme self-discipline.

      Behind the wheel of the huge truck, floor the pedal and go for broke. My own accelerator foot was twitching – mow ’em down, mow ’em down!

      Of course, this isn’t a video game. And professional law enforcement training screens out most impulsive idiots. That’s why it’s so important they be allowed to do their job. Vigilante mobs are so messy.

      • They are messy but unless the various European nations can elect intelligent patriots to high office they are the only other option.

  2. A political solution is possible for most of the major countries, the ordinary people are ready to vote to protect their nations and cultures but the left is still fighting and at this point we don’t know who the military and the police in some of the countries are going to support. I am semi optimistic and semi pessimistic about the possibility of many long term peaceful solutions because that depends on how reasonable the left and the Moslems are going to be. If the actions of the Soros paid protesters in the US are any indication the answer is not very reasonable.

    We are still sailing uncharted waters in a leaky boat in major storm, we need all the luck and help we can get.

  3. Memo of thanks to you for translating and sharing words worth repeating:
    Perhaps your own driver, your gardener, your doctor or your domestic aid, the girlfriend of a registrar, your physiotherapist, the nurse at the nursing home of your parents, or the baker in your neighborhood. … I say what they think. ..when you judge me, you are not just passing judgment on a single man, but on millions … who agree with me,… who cherish freedom of expression. … And I tell you: if you convict me, you will convict half of The Netherlands. And many Dutch will lose their last bit of trust in the rule of law.

  4. A couple of thoughts about your headline “How Screwed is Canada”. Every Kanuke has to stop worrying about what other peoples think of them and face the fact that your elections are rigged. You have to do what we did here in the ‘ol USA. Second, if you can get Trudeau out of office: don’t procrastinate do it now…send the Liberals packing because, right now Canada is ruled by two Queens.

    Your Friend

    • You would be surprised at how many Canadians are uninformed individuals. Liberal robots at the mercy of dishonest media. The younger generation (Millenials) are social-engineered. They remind me of the Swedes, at times.

      • If I repeat if push comes to shove which I pray it won’t it only takes 33% of the population supporting a revolution for it to succeed. But remember this action is to be taken only as a last resort and I do mean last.

  5. “…political solution for many of the major countries…”

    Except Canada. It may only happen with crippling economic depression. Muslims and a hundred sexes cost money.

    • One seems to be coming, with India trying to shut down the black market their actions are driving a lot of money overseas and this may crash their economy. The worlds economy is so integrated that one economy the size of India’s crashing will bring down others.

      • Maybe.

        India has to do more than void notes if it wants to wean itself off cash. It also has to target the underlying reasons for which businesses amass paper money, such as the need to pay officials who demand bribes.

        Politics in India is another big cash business. Because the country’s electoral rules don’t require political parties to disclose the sources of small donations, companies regularly use cash to buy influence. Parties then use the cash to buy votes ahead of elections.

        The currency replacement is just “a spring-cleaning exercise,” said Jagdeep Chhokar, co-founder of the New Delhi-based Association for Democratic Reforms, which advocates for greater transparency in party financing. “Unless we change our way of living, our house is not going to be clean. It is going to get dirty again every year.”

        • The information above tells why this effort is probably doomed to failure:

          1) it is hurting the little people who can’t afford much.

          2) it is forcing the bribes into precious metals and gem stones, which is why the rumors of the government stopping the importing of gold.

          3) this is encouraging capital flight. One of the economic problems the US faces is Capital Flight to avoid the confiscatory tax on the foreign profit when US companies bring that money back into the US. In order to insure fairness and social justice the liberals have structured the US tax system so the companies have to keep the overseas profits overseas or lose the vast majority of that money. Now India is driving capital overseas because they are trying to gain control of the black market. Black markets only form when there is a demand for something the government has outlawed or when the taxes are so high that the risk of getting caught and put in prison is lower then the promise of massive rewards from the unrecorded cash sales.

          The stated reason for the money laundering laws is the drug money but it also makes the other black market sales risky because before you can spend that money you have to have a good cover to justify you having the money. Granted very few of the other black markets generate enough money to cause problems when you spend the money.

      • I’m really sorry Mr. Modi’s turning out to be such a jerk. I was rooting for the Hindu nationalist willing to stand up to the Tards. Unfortunately he’s got those ugly traits our betters impute to the classic Strongman.

        • He does seem to be going that way and if India’s economy crashes it may take down China. China in turn will take down many other nations.

  6. 7. “Shahzad’s father, a faith healer who used pages with inscriptions in many languages for his work, had died shortly before the incident. The couple burning some of his documents, which led to the misunderstanding.”

    The Daily Mail legitimizes the killing. If it was a clear cut to blame the guilty of the burning of aKoran then it would be permissible to have had:
    “Witnesses described how an angry mob of hundreds of people set upon the couple in a hamlet called Chak 59 near the town of Kot Radha Kishan in Punjab in 2014, attacking them and throwing their bodies into a brick kiln.”

    To not point out, as any civilized person would, that not one piece of paper was worth more than life itself. These cowards paid to spread propaganda of appeasement.

  7. Bulgaria: I don’t care how cold it is. Police should soak them with jets of water to calm them down.
    Police need some kind of water dispersal device available at all times.

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