Italy: Torino (Turin) at the mercy of refugees: Molotov cocktails and street skirmishes

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From this Italian Website:

Torino (Turin) at the mercy of refugees: Molotov (cocktails) and street skirmishes

Night of tension at Moi ( Ex-Olympic Village) of Torino, occupied by immigrants.

Around 11 pm, at the buildings on Giordano Bruno Street, two primitive bombs exploded, thrown by persons yet unidentified. The immigrants, about 300 in number, descended in the street, turning over rubbish bins, uprooting street signs and throwing rocks and bottles. Besides the police, firemen also responded to the scene. The situation seemed to be calmed, but this morning the tension again became high. Among residents, fear reigned.

“Up until yesterday, we were only fed up with this situation of spreading illegality. Now we really have fear.”

As reported by La Stampa (newspaper), the refugees have returned to the street and have thrown trash bins in the street, throwing objects at people, who, terrorized, hid in their businesses, which have been forced to close.

That zone is already ruled by the illegals. But not just that. As has been documented several times, Moi (Ex-Olympic Village) has become also a center of drug dealing. The residents have seen it and do not support the situation. The houses are occupied. On the roofs are also television satellite antennas.


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  1. The police may be able to shut this riot down and keep the peace for awhile but it won’t be long before the riots will be much worse and guns and knives will appear in the hands of the rioters. Then we will discover how many of the “immigrants” are really trained fighters infiltrating Europe.

        • Why are the Democrat Mayors letting the BLM and other related rioters run wild?

          When you live in a gated community, have private security (i.e., bodyguards), possess a fat bank account, and are chauffeured about in an armored limousine, there is little chance of having to experience the repercussions of one’s own exceptionally piss-poor political decisions.

          Mayhaps that needs to change rather soon?!?

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