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14 Replies to “General Flynn: The right stuff”

  1. I don’t want anymore intervention in the Middle East. I would rather they just kill each other while we gain market share in oil and natural gas…
    the problem of migrants is another story, My wish is that they be held in camps and be released back to their native countries to decide how their wealth be distributed…
    I am so terribly tired of accommodating them.

    • Have you actually sat down and watched one of those ISIS videos? Do you really want to leave that stage 4 metastasizing malignant tumor to just grow out of control unchecked even though they have sworn to come to our countries and kill us? It’s not a matter of us choosing war. War has most definitely chosen us and there’s nothing we can do but surrender or fight…

      • Yes Chris I have. You are absolutely right.

        Q 1 , however whose soil should we eradicate this vermin on?

        Question 2. Whose/what troops should we use ?

      • Chris you are right.

        Tom we use locals trained and at times lead by our Special Operators but if necessary we will have to use our own troops. The difference is that we should go in hard fast and stomping, stop worring about winning hearts and nat9ion building concentrate on winning the war. Plenty of time to build nations after we have won but the first priority is win the war so freedom can survive.

        • These specifics can all be worked out once Hussein is back in his desert cave talking to the Angel Gabriel and Trump is in the White House. Starting with Egyptian President Abdel al-Sisi and other regional leaders, they can begin to work out a plan to get things into order. Then the Americans can stop being at war with Syria and maybe some of those refugees can go home to their own towns.

          And no. It is not fair that Americans should go and die in great numbers in the fight against ISIS, that’s for sure. And they shouldn’t have to pay for everything either… These kind of negotiations are the kind of thing a businessman like, I don’t know, Donald Trump might be good at finessing…

          • Pres. Sisi needs money. The foul Saudis have cut off the tap, pleading economic woes. In fact, they gave him an ultimatum: Carry the Sunni standard, we feed the soldiers of the umma and continue to ensure your stability. Refuse, we won’t fulfill even long-standing oil commitments [at bargain-basement prices].

            Saying no is the right thing to do, but the U.S. Muslim-in-Chief is still punishing him. Let’s economize elsewhere and resume our aid to Egypt. Sisi has ISIS crawling all over the Sinai, he’s the lid on a boiling pot in the Sunni sea. It’s in our own self-interest to help feed Egyptians.

            King Abdullah needs us to stand tall on our base in his country. Three American soldiers were just murdered there in cold blood. All hushed up, disinfo-ed. That’s extraordinarily poor. WRONG signal. There’s wicked IS amongst the hideous refugee horde in Jordan; internal stability is precarious anyway.

            We have to be unambiguous in our response to the Muslim Brotherhood. Cauterize the wounds they’re inflicting on Sisi and Abdullah. That would also take Erdogan down a peg or two.

            Needless to say, the MB have to be eradicated here at home. Remember, “Islamophobia” is their invention. See how pervasive the term has become? We’re talking about the Long March through the Institutions, and the fight will be fierce.

            Pres. Trump will have to contend with a “shadow government” in Washington, D.C. As optimistic and enthusiastic as we are, we can’t for a moment underestimate this enemy.

  2. Go for it !

    I agree wholeheartedly. That is why I voted for Trump.

    As normally happens when the vanquished can not stand defeat, opposition to Trump and who he selects to surround him and get the U S back on it’s feet again, unites and defaces his choices.

    Rather than stand tall, unite in the fight to correct the ill’s, the whiners back bite and cause unrest, like spoiled children they want everything given to them.

  3. Isn’t it curious how reflexively the mainstream media opposes anything that might serve to thwart the radical Muslim plan to conquer the world for Islam? At the first sign of somebody who actually knows what he’s doing they just can’t make enough dire warnings in scary voices. It’s almost as if they are all Muslims themselves and just can’t wait for the awakening…

    They’re right about one thing. General Flynn is a 180-degree departure from anything they’ve had before, including Mr. “Religion of Peace”, George W. For what it’s worth, in my humble opinion, I suspect that with the right actions and the right pressures applied, the monster of ascendant Islam could be put back to sleep for another hundred years and we could all live happily ever after. I also understand that General Flynn is of the same opinion and intends to do exactly that.

    Why, oh why, oh why can’t any Democrat see that that’s a good thing? Their hatred of Republicans
    is so all-consuming that it blinds them to any other enemy.

    And as to Flynn’s opinions on Islam, no one on earth, once aware of the extreme contempt with which the Muslims hold the infidel, would ever agree to having large numbers of them “migrate” to their countries. Anybody who can’t see such an obvious Trojan horse operation is trying not to see what’s going on because of political correctness. They’re afraid that if they see it they will be called a “racist” and will lose their friends and their livelihood for speaking out.

    • Why, oh why, oh why can’t any Democrat see that that’s a good thing? Their hatred of Republicans
      is so all-consuming that it blinds them to any other enemy.

      Their hatred is for the entire concept of democracy and freedom, they are Marxists who think that we the unwashed masses don’t know what is good for ourselves and have to be told how to do anything including what to eat for each meal. The election of The Donald and his picking independent thinkers for his administration is a threat to them and their entire philosophy. Plus they know that if they let Trump alone for 8 years we will then get Pence for 8 more and their entire program of enslaving the west will be destroyed for many decades.

      • Those Marxists sure know how to leverage their power, don’t they? What percentage of Democrat voters are actually Marxists or even know that it is Marxism they are supporting? The trouble is that, it being a free country, there is nothing to stop a Marxist from joining a democratic entity, volunteering and being helpful, then running for office after a few years, then doing what they can to block non-Marxists from joining and so on and so on, until the entity is as red as the Teachers’ Union. And then if anybody tries to speak out about it they all cry, “McCarthy! McCarthy!”, and that device always works. They’ve got us coming and going, I’m afraid…

  4. Can not sit quite on this one.

    With positive thoughts like those just expressed , just proceed ahead and get the job done, the Muslims are the infidels, Trojan Horse, Muslim camel, same thing.

    Europe is suffering and they delight in our bickering over the issue of immigration.

    Ok I have a thought, let a few hundred select Muslim fighters in and allow them to be the Clinton clans cadre. We can pay them well , monitor their whereabouts and perhaps replace the secret service from duty guarding our own resident Muslim Obama.

  5. But i read that Flynn sayed that TURKEY(!!!)is a good partner to fight ISIS and other Islamists.

    He also sayed that Muslim States(Sunni and Shia),Russia and North Korea are working together against the west and thats the bigges problem.

    So its a little bit agaisnt Trumps seeing.

  6. Anybody with a combination of Special Ops and intelligence gathering background who states that “fear of MUSLIMS is rational” and that “Islam” (not “radical Islam“, not “fundamentalist Islam“, not “jihadist Islam“, not “Islamists“, and not “extremists“) “is a cancer” represents a long-overdue and profoundly welcome sea change in American military doctrine.

    There is an ancient Confucian saying:

    “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.”

    Flynn’s insistence that everyday Americans once-again be unafraid to identify this nation’s enemies by name is a crucial step towards breaking the spine of Political Correctness in our country. Little positive change can be achieved so long as the 0bama administration’s suffocating muzzles remain in place to inhibit and neuter Free Speech.

    I dread to think about the many young soldiers that have been maimed or killed because of this Liberal, agenda-driven “sanitizing” of Islam (by 0bama and his minions) within our armed forces and government in general. The blood of these casualties is on 0bama’s hands and no amount of rationalizing or executive privilege will ever erase that fact.

    For well over a year now, time-and-again, I have exclaimed that—regardless of whatever gaffes, diplomatic errors, stumbles or outright blunders Trump might make as President—if the only thing he ever achieves over the next four years is breaking the spine of Political Correctness in America, then all of the other folderol will have been well worth it.

    Trump’s appointment of Flynn is a strong and clear signal that our nation may be starting back upon a path towards the unvarnished truth. If that infuriates the Left, then so much the better since it can only be taken as a very positive sign that things are succeeding according to plan.

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