Trump rushed off stage in Reno, Democrats blame Trump

Then check this tweet.

You would have to be smelling your own bile to think the Secret Service would stage a fake attempt on Trump for political reasons.

Better quality vid

The Daily Mail has the story. So far it looks like not a very serious attempt. 

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    • Thank M. He sets em up. I knock em down.

      Fortunately at the moment it LOOKS like it wasn’t a serious attempt, but for the past several years we are often not told the salient facts of events till days or weeks later, presumably to attenuate any potential backlash.

      So maybe it was a serious attempt. Anyway it was stopped.

  1. BBC correspondant twitter account :

    Man at heart of Trump scare. Austyn Crites, 33, “registered Republican” and “business guy” from Reno who’s been campaigning for Mrs Clinton.

    Anti-Trump protestor Austyn Crites: “He’s a very dangerous person. When people become fascist… this is what they do to crowds.”

    Anti-Trump protestor Austyn Crites tells the BBC: “I was definitely in survival mode, I knew I could die at that moment…it was the choking.”

    Dishonest MSM trying to spread the lie that Austyn Crites is a Repub just because he claims 2b. Facebook page tells a different story.

  2. DAILY MAIL – The Donald is rushed off the stage by Secret Service while speaking during Reno rally after a ‘Republicans against Trump’ protester causes chaos in the crowd over fears he had a gun

    Secret Service agents rushed Donald Trump offstage on Saturday evening during a rally in Reno, Nevada
    As agents whisked Trump away police and private security wrestled Austyn Crites, 33, to the ground
    A sea of bodies scattered in the crowd as authorities dragged Crites away as he kicked and strained
    A Trump campaign source told that someone in the audience had shouted ‘gun’
    Authorities did not recover a weapon and he has since been released following the ordeal

  3. I have to wonder if this was a setup by the Hillary campaign, Have one supporter yell Gun Gun Gun while pointing to a man with an anti-Trump sign hoping he will be mobbed and hurt. This is on par with the attempts to get people hurt to frame the Trump supporters.

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