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12 Replies to “Hillary Clinton KNEW the Saudis fund the IS, took thier money too!”

  1. The more that comes out the worse the scandal gets, we now have evidence that Hillary sold out the US (committed treason) for personal gain. How deep does the treason run? Who else knew about this?

  2. Erdogan is in it for territory. He has been making speeches about the ‘unfair’ borders of Turkey drawn by the infidels after WWI and how Turkey was ‘wronged’. Ah the Turkish caliphate, the glorious caliphate. Erdogan wants to reestablish it, to war against the infidels and against the other caliphates yet to be born.

  3. It really should come as no surprise that Hillary is willing to cooperate with Saudi Arabia despite her foreknowledge about the Kingdom’s financing of ISIL. After all, some $25,000,000 in Saudi donations to the Clinton Foundation would have Hillary and Bill turning a blind eye to just about anything imaginable (as they already do, so that’s no big stretch for them). There is also the issue of these entities having highly compatible (i.e., parallel) agendas, such as:

    • Increasing Muslim immigration into (i.e., invasion of) the USA
    • Reinforcing Saudi Arabia’s prominent role as an American petroleum supplier
    • Subverting the Constitutional Rights of US citizens
    • Maintaining the flow of American weapons into the Muslim Middle East
    • Legitimizing Sharia law and Islamic culture in general
    • Recruiting Millennials to work against any perpetuation of American exceptionalism
    • Minimizing the possibility of US intervention in the ongoing Islamic invasion of Europe
    • Furthering the (soft racism) infantilization of jihadists to excuse their brutality and misogyny
    • Neutering the political and social influence of Western White males
    • Disabling any possibility of constructive anti-Islamic collaboration between Russia and the USA
    • Strengthening Liberal efforts towards the deconstruction of Western civilization
    • Concealing the continued infiltration of the US government by Islamic operatives (e.g., Abedin)
    • Destabilizing America’s military strength and political will to fight global Islamic jihad

    There’s a quick baker’s dozen of motives right off the top of my head. I’m sure that others here at this site could come up with a list of other agenda items at least this long, if not longer.

    • How could I have possibly omitted this little gem?

      • Undermining even further America’s relationship with Israel

      Imagine what would happen if the USA did not have access to Mossad’s superb intelligence gathering about Islamic jihad around the world? No other agency on earth is even fractionally as successful when it comes to infiltrating Islamic terror cells. Wouldn’t Saudi Arabia just lurve to see the valve shut off on that intelligence pipeline?

      • No. Israeli intelligence has been supporting Jordan, KSA, and Egypt for several years. Iran is the common enemy.

        0 has been pulling for Iran.
        ~ ya know, ‘death to America, death to Israel’ is really his thing ~

        H is the Sunni stooge. Gulf Sunnis support ISIS, they feed the crocodile. Hopefully, a significant number of “moderate jihadis” [the Coalition] will kill each other off – somewhere out there in the badlands of Iraq and Syria. That’ll spare the ragheads crowned heads of our Sunni “allies”.

        Both H and 0 are MB/ al-Q. Both MB and al-Q play footsie with Iran when it suits. The “sectarian divide” is far from clear cut; in fact it’s yugely complex.

        Russia is an equal opportunity killer. Putin’s helping Shittes to maximize the death toll of Sunni jihadis. Hopefully, enough will die in Syria and Iraq to thin the herd in Mother Russia. And in her “near abroad”.

        • I wish the killing could be limited to the Middle East but the left has allowed too many jihadists into our nations for this to happen. When things get bad enough he will offer to help the European nations and the Russian Bear will be inside the cities fighting the Islamic invaders.

          This war is going to last for a hundred years or more and I doubt if there is any real peace during that time, just periods when the terror attacks are fewer. This is why Hillary, Obama and all of their people need to be arrested and tried, if they aren’t they will continue to help the Moslems and many more people will die.

          • Remember that old careful what you wish for…?
            I know you’re excluding Israel, but given Satan’s poll numbers these days, we’d better be careful.

        • Israeli intelligence has been supporting Jordan, KSA, and Egypt for several years. Iran is the common enemy.

          Maybe for them (re: Iran), but not for us.

          Save for the almost insignificant Ahmadiyya population, nearly all other Islamic sects are best off being left to claw at each others’ throats (as they have been ever since the great Sunni / Shiia schism). There are few more thankless tasks than intervening in these interminable, and internecine Islamic feuds. And the past decade (or two, or thirty) has only served to provide incontrovertible proof of this fact.

          Heartless as it might seem to merely step aside as these blood-lust-driven fanatics lunge at each others’ necks, the alternatives are so unrewarding as to make any of us who intervene seem like the irredeemable idiots that we have spent these last few decades proving ourselves to be.

          We must do for ourselves, and Islam (respectively) the immense favor of letting those with the greatest doctrinal grievances sort such matters out amongst themselves. The 9-11 Atrocity should have proven to all sane people for all time, the inanity of ever attempting to assist even the most ostensibly noble Muslims with their latest cause du jour.

          Time and again, Islam has shown itself to be the most utterly thankless bunch of ingrates imaginable, and we only have ourselves to blame for not realizing this any sooner. It is impermissible to wait until one-or-more Western cities vanish in nuclear plasma to finally declare ourselves unburdened by any further sense of humanitarian obligation towards one of this planet’s most inhumane cultures.

          Islam delenda est.

          By Islam’s own hand, or ours, Muslims have repeatedly demonstrated the unlikely prospect of there being any future that embraces the least sort of peaceful coexistence. Everyone who plasters their vehicles with those idiotic “COEXIST” bumper stickers are living proof of this conclusion.

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