Does your TV get FOX or CNN or BBC?

I got a report that one US viewer is suddenly unable to see FOX or CNN, or even BBC.

MSNBC comes in 5X5 however.

There was in inordinate wait time for tech help and the actual answer was without substance.

If anyone else is experiencing this, PLEASE LEAVE WHERE YOU ARE AND WHAT TIME IT WAS in the COMMENTS ASAP

This reader uses DIRECT TV, which is a satellite service.

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7 Replies to “Does your TV get FOX or CNN or BBC?”

    • Talk to anyone at a serious Firewall company. The internet is under MAJOR attacks the past few days and its ramping up in the same selective way.

  1. Directv was out most of the morning, but internet and phone was working. checking out many other providers were out too, this was nationwide, leading me to believe some major hacking was happening. services out varied.

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