“WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE” Threat painted on door of Tania Groth, leader of PEGIDA Denmark




Once again, what is likely the far left, exposes not just sympathy for terrorists and terrorist ideology, but actually deploys it.

I hope the police take this as seriously as when a regular law abiding Dane says something true but uncomplimentary about Islam.

PEGIDA Denmark, also known as For Freedom, is having a demo against sharia and the islamization of Denmark and for freedom of speech on Saturday, Nov. 5 (this coming Saturday).

I hope all of you who read this and can join will do so for the causes listed, and support Tania who is being threatened and intimidated for supporting classically liberal values and real individual women’s rights.

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7 Replies to ““WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE” Threat painted on door of Tania Groth, leader of PEGIDA Denmark”

  1. This sort of blatant intimidation is so totally counter to all established Danish culture that it shows just how skewed and amoral the Left has become. Nothing epitomizes this more succinctly than the entire (oxymoronic) Antifa or “Anti Fascist” movement, which is one of the most outrageously fascist groups to emerge in Europe since the Nazis.

    Clearly, Antifa has taken a page out of the Communist playbook’s guide to naming nations like, the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” and the “German Democratic Republic”, both of which represent the most undemocratic entities imaginable.

    • “I don’t know when fascism will return, but when it does, it will call itself anti-fascism”.

      Apparently from a Southern American congressman or senator.

      • A quick search says it was Huey Long that said this.

        Huey Long was a very corrupt Louisiana politician who was assassinated, from info that came out in the 90s the assassin missed Huey but a bullet from one of his bodyguards ricocheted and killed Long.

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