Back to the main topic. A quick look at the benefits of islam in our cultures: Links 1 on Oct. 30 2016

1, RT makes error in reportage on German family in court for allowing child to not go to mosque.

2. Chelmsford sex gang trial: Court hears alleged victim was lying ‘because defendant has small penis’

A woman who claimed she was given drugs and raped by the ringleader of an alleged Iranian sex gang when she was a child was lying because she told police he had a big penis when it is in fact “very small”, a court heard.

Now in her 20s, the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was being cross-examined at Chelmsford Crown Court yesterday (October 27) regarding allegations against former pizza shop worker Mohammed Rostami.

She says the 37-year-old man was the head of a sex gang that groomed young girls while he worked at CM Pizza on Duke Street in Chelmsford, the court heard.

Cross-examining the woman Janick Fielding, defending, said: “In the interview you have given to police you have said quite a few things about Mohammed Rostami.

“In particular, what I want to ask you about is where you have said things about him having sex with you and where you have told us he has taken you to other people to have sex or arranged and I want to ask about when you have said he has given you drugs.”

3. Here’s what the Guardian calls “a 16-year-old from Ethiopia”

This appears to be the same “16 year old” Ethiopian here as well.

4. Australia asylum: Arrivals by boat face lifetime visa ban

(This is the way you do immigration. At least its rational, as opposed to rewarding law breakers with more rights than the locals you tax to pay for them)

Australia has unveiled tough new plans to bar any asylum seekers who try to reach the country by boat from ever being able to enter.

The lifetime ban on visas would apply even to those travelling as tourists, for business, or who married an Australian.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the move would send “the strongest possible signal” to people-smugglers.

The proposed ban is to be put to parliament later this week.

(Congratulations Australia. One of about four nations left which employs reason in its policy)

5. CAIR in the new disguise of National Counsel of Canadian Muslims, did an “Islam-o-fauxbia” seminar at Ottawa’s Carleton University in October. 

There is quite a bit of damning material over at Point de Bascule about these guys. Its well worth the read for people who want in depth knowledge of who this group is and what they really want. For example, they produced a booklet intended to be released by the RCMP which they rejected, as being a guide to how to deal with extremism. They recommended certain people in that booklet that, after a little digging, some of whom appeared to be recommending actual jihad in the streets of New York.

Easy to see who’s side the NDP are on:

6. Islamic State claims responsibility for fatal stabbing in Hamburg

Hamburg::A follower of Islamic State was responsible for a stabbing attack on two youths in the German city of Hamburg two weeks ago, the militant group’s Amaq news agency said on Sunday. In the incident, the unknown perpetrator attacked a young couple sitting under a bridge at the Alster river in downtown Hamburg. He stabbed the 16-year-old man repeatedly from behind and kicked his 15-year-old female companion into the river. The stabbing victim died of his injuries shortly afterwards in hospital while the young woman managed to escape.

(Funny. I don’t even remember reading about that attack. The one yesterday in Frankfurt, yes where four people were attacked.)

(The lesson appears to be that whatever the city you are in, Hamburg or Frankfurt and beyond, where there are muslims, there is dead meat unbelievers)

7. Another woman of courage and integrity, refuses career advancement to oppose Iranian oppression of women.

(Much like this American woman)

Former World Number 1 Heena Sidhu has pulled out of the Asian Airgun Shooting Championship which is to be hosted in Tehran, Iran this forthcoming December. Her refusal to participate in the event comes in light of the fact that all the women participants have to wear a hijab, the official dress code in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“It is not a sporting thing, forcing tourists or foreign guests to do this (wear a hijab). I don’t like it, so I pulled out,” Heena was quoted as saying to the Times of India.

The Arjuna awardee and participant at the London and Rio Olympics, Heena had declared her stand almost three weeks earlier when she informed the National Rifle Association of India. The other shooters from the country have however complied with the rules and will compete in the event, with Harveen Sarao replacing Heena in the 10m Air Pistol team.


Thank you M., Ava Lon, Nash Montana, Wrath of Khan, Richard, Oz-Rita and many many more. Once again, its very important for newcomers to this site to understand that reading the comments in the Reader’s Links post every day is where there is a great deal of substance.


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  1. 6. Islamic State claims responsibility for fatal stabbing in Hamburg

    So the Muslim stabs the 16-year-old boy to death and throws his 15-year-old girlfriend in the river, and still, 50% of French people are eager to let millions more Muslims just like him into the country. And why did the Muslim do it? Because his religion teaches him to hate Christians and Jews and women and anybody else who’s not the exact same type of Muslim that he is. And still, liberal French people will cry and sniffle and say how much they need to help the poor Syrians and Afghans and Somalis, and how racist it is to keep them out of the country. This will go down in history as “The Age of Insanity”.

    • your inner peace is useless when you are attacked and tried to be eliminated by miserable muslim invaders
      stop there with your Budha please, get a real life

    • May inner peace be your guiding light.

      May your “inner peace” be explored by an immigrant who is experiencing one of those dire “emergencies” that they evidently are so susceptible to. Then let’s wait and see just how brightly your “guiding light” continues to shine after that encounter.

      Enough European women already have gotten a solid idea of where your “light” is shining. Why not go ahead and take a turn in the barrel so you can let us know first-hand about the unparalleled joys of being an immigrant’s object of desire. You know you want to.

  2. 7 – Another woman of principles and the courage to fight for them. It is a shame so many men and women are mpt following their examples.

  3. 3. Here’s what the Guardian calls “a 16-year-old from Ethiopia”

    Let’s make a rare exception and bring little Mister “Sweet Sixteen” to America so he can benefit from sharing some quality time in lock-down seclusion with his long lost bestus friend, 300-pound “Bubba”.

  4. That would be “interesting” for him…

    I trust you mean “interesting” as in the ancient Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.”

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