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5 Replies to “Rabbi sacks gives best speech on contemporary antisemitism to the European parliament”

  1. For me an excellent speech saying that which must be said. I object to what he says at 14:18, however. He refers to the wrongness of objecting to immigration without acknowledging that immigrants who wish to vanquish you are wrong. If he means immigrants other than Muslims on the hijrah he should distinguish it.

    • I object to what he said about nationalism fueling antisemitism, Fascism and its close borther Nazism used the existing antisemitism to fuel a twisted form of nationalism but nationalism itself doesn’t fuel antisemitism. In fact given the way that the Islamic invasion is pushed and how the people supporting the invasion are opposing nationalism it can be stated that nationalism is one of the tools we can use to fight the invasion and the cultural marxism that is aiding the invaders.

      • As I watched it through a second time I found a few things I found objectionable as well. But in terms of anyone who the European Union would allow to speak to them, he landed a few zingers.

        • There is that, intellectually I know that the EU no longer has free speech but at times when I am listening to speeches from over there I have a hard time remember this fact.

  2. While there is so much to agree with in terms of what Rabbi Sacks offers up—and I speak as someone of partial Jewish descent whose ancestors perished at the hands of the Nazis—American and European (& even Israeli) Jews have much to answer for with respect to their all-too-frequent (Liberal) support for both Multiculturalism and wholesale immigration.

    There is no having things both ways. Either the rigid anti-Semitism of Islamic cultures is identified and called out by name as being entirely EVIL, or (both Jews and) Liberals of any stripe must be recognized as those who have fomented a new and utterly avoidable slaughter, namely, the Muslim holocaust.

    Does this represent even a slight degree of equivalency with respect to the routine atrocities (historic and otherwise) of jihadist mass murder? Certainly not. All the same, does Jewish Liberalism manage to help excuse or ameliorate the guilt surrounding some of this world’s very worst forms of human rights violations?

    Not at all.

    Am I happy to winkle out this insanely hypocritical aspect of modern Jewish Liberalism? Not for a millisecond! Am I willing to overlook how this quasi-suicidal Hebraic tendency to “divide-and-conquer” somehow precludes any further possibility of Western powers enacting another massive pogrom against the global Jewish population? Not for another millisecond!

    Spineless so-called Western “leadership”, along with mercenary Russian political ambitions, and ruthless Chinese realpolitik attitudes are launching the past few CENTURIES of enlightened progress towards an event horizon that threatens to allow such piss-hole cesspits as North Korea and Iran to attain unmerited and undeserved significance that damn all of them to everlasting Hell.

    Despite Islam’s truculent and resolute defiance of human rights in general (not to mention its virulent anti-Antisemitism), this world’s Jewish population continues to propel degrees of moral and cultural relativism that inflame the very worst elements of human conflict. Does Islam deserve to shirk any of its entitlement to be cauterized? Not in the least. Nonetheless, does this excuse the Liberal enabling of Muslim terrorists by acquiescent “Wilkommenscultur” monster looneys?

    Liberals and Jews … and especially *Liberal Jews* have a lot to answer for.

    Islam has *even more to answer for* and its comeuppance will be orders of magnitude more ugly.

    Any questions?

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